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  1. bigal666 commented on Shirley and Son Classics 6 days ago

    Where do I find an airline with seats like that?

  2. bigal666 commented on Off the Mark 7 days ago

    Now we know the actual reason for global warming. The baby boomers all hit menopause at the same time.

  3. bigal666 commented on Candorville 11 days ago

    @Jnik23260- Please stop looking in my window.

  4. bigal666 commented on Doonesbury 18 days ago

    Do you reaize that if they had named their first child Upton they could have signed their Christmas cards Up, Chuck, and Di?

  5. bigal666 commented on La Cucaracha 25 days ago

    I remember when the police and fire departments had to keep lowering their standards for the physical test until everyone could pass it. That did not work out well.

  6. bigal666 commented on Betty 27 days ago

    It probably has Colorado oregano in it.

  7. bigal666 commented on Dude and Dude 3 months ago

    He looks like Beetle Baily afer Sarge go done with him.

  8. bigal666 commented on Family Tree 3 months ago

    I once shared a house with two other people. I hid my Girl Scout cookies in the cleaning supplies cabinet. Never lost a crumb.

  9. bigal666 commented on Candorville 3 months ago

    Counselor Troi is 59 years old.

  10. bigal666 commented on Family Tree 4 months ago

    Thomas Paine wrote the Declaration.