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  1. flagmichael commented on Wizard of Id about 2 hours ago

    @ Granny Grump – exactly. Being “drawn” was equally gruesome. Our Constitutional prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment was inspired by the public torture-execution of French unfortunate Robert Damiens, who was quartered after hours of torture in private and in public.

  2. flagmichael commented on Over the Hedge 1 day ago

    I do not tolerate scorpions.

  3. flagmichael commented on Arlo and Janis 17 days ago

    Actually WWIII began in the 1950s and ended around 1990. WW1 was the European War (16 million dead), WWII was the Fascist War (60 million dead), WWIII was the Communist War (over 100 million dead, mostly in China and the USSR), and WWIV is the Islamic War. As with most wars, civilian casualties will be highest.

  4. flagmichael commented on Calvin and Hobbes 27 days ago

    I doubt anyplace ever was safe. I was knifed and left for dead at a racially troubled school in hte ’60s….

  5. flagmichael commented on Arlo and Janis about 1 month ago

    “Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its power.” – Corrie Ten Boom

  6. flagmichael commented on Wizard of Id about 1 month ago

    @William Pursell: most animals kill their own kind without reason, right, or justification – as any aquarium keeper is aware. Dogs will sometimes kill each other on sight. Among metazoa mosquitos are the main killer, but until very recently microbes killed most people… dying of “fever” is the staple of early death through the ages.

  7. flagmichael commented on For Better or For Worse about 1 month ago

    The ones who stay behind lose one friend; the ones who leave lose all their friends. Did that too many times as a kid.

  8. flagmichael commented on B.C. about 1 month ago

    Fossils older than about 50K years are not carbon dated (C14 gives out about then but is pretty good to about 30K years) and fossil dinosaur bones are rock anyway. They are dated by the age of surrounding rock.

  9. flagmichael commented on Over the Hedge about 1 month ago

    Actually, it was called climate change from the point it first got traction. The IPCC is the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. As a life-long techie and career scientist I tend to use belief in “global warming” as a gauge of technical acumen when I am talking to new people – if they are believers I smile and nod when they talk about technical subjects. I’ve seen a lot of weird ideas come and go.

  10. flagmichael commented on Wizard of Id about 1 month ago

    Absolutely… but in comics domestic violence is allowed (Andy Capp)