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  1. flagmichael commented on Wizard of Id about 15 hours ago

    80F and raining in Phoenix at 5 a.m., heading for a high of 95. No sweaters yet… maybe near Christmas.

    My Phoenix weather forecast from June 1976: “Tomorrow, sunny and cooler, high 113….”

  2. flagmichael commented on Luann 7 days ago

    To me, we become adults when we look back a little bit in horror and agonize, “What have I done?”

  3. flagmichael commented on For Better or For Worse 7 days ago

    43 years and counting here. All we have to do is put up with the idiosyncracies we have always had so we can appreciate the most reliable part of our lives – living it together.

  4. flagmichael commented on Luann 8 days ago

    It’s a cartoon strip.

  5. flagmichael commented on B.C. 8 days ago

    I have been unable to find references to more than 13 species extinguished by humans. Allowing there may be as many as a hundred, that is far short of the species that have simply died out in our time, often in spite of our attempts to save them. We still don’t know why most species become endangered – we focus on the ones we have affected to some extent but others are dying when we find them. The ivory billed woodpecker is just vanishing and nobody knows why.

  6. flagmichael commented on For Better or For Worse 11 days ago

    My wife sees that way too much as a geriatric nurse. She also sees the opposite: an active social and emotional life prolongs our physical lives.

  7. flagmichael commented on Wizard of Id 15 days ago

    I’m not sure I agree, but that is beautifully phrased!

  8. flagmichael commented on For Better or For Worse 15 days ago

    My wife has been working at a nursing home for 15 years and has seen two of the dementia residents marry each other. She says there was not a dry eye anywhere.

  9. flagmichael commented on For Better or For Worse 16 days ago

    I learned gambling was not for me when I played poker with my wife for Oreos. My stomach couldn’t take the strain. Good thing I lost badly and didn’t try to eat any Oreos!

  10. flagmichael commented on Calvin and Hobbes 16 days ago

    I never played much soccer and only blocked with my face once, but it wasn’t that big a deal – disorienting for several seconds, not much fun, but not nearly as bad as scraping all the skin off my back in a bicycle accident.