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  1. flagmichael commented on Arlo and Janis 1 day ago

    @ Galliglo: you fell for it!

  2. flagmichael commented on Wizard of Id 3 days ago

    @A Common ‘tater… from Tony Blair’s address to ambassadors in 2003: " I sometimes think it is a good rule of thumb to ask of a country: are people trying to get into it or out of it? It’s not a bad guide to what sort of country it is."

  3. flagmichael commented on Calvin and Hobbes 5 days ago

    @leftwingpatriot, I remember English class in Los Angeles when it was 108 and we were in a Quonset hut. I felt bad for our teacher… we were only in there for an hour.

  4. flagmichael commented on Wizard of Id 5 days ago

    Are dragons warm-blooded?

  5. flagmichael commented on For Better or For Worse 5 days ago

    I’m surprised how our focus for this strip is on the cigarette, but I agree. I have seen too much tragedy (including the loss of friends and a mother-in-law) come from smoking. Thanks for the reality check, guys.

  6. flagmichael commented on B.C. 12 days ago

    A loincloth and fur lined mittens – ready for any weather!

  7. flagmichael commented on Wizard of Id 14 days ago

    @Bruno – that is warped! I love it.

  8. flagmichael commented on B.C. 14 days ago

    Amazingly, once we got going it was only 50,000 years. 100,000 years ago we were living like other apes.

  9. flagmichael commented on Arlo and Janis 14 days ago

    Often, when we are going on vacation, I marvel that our whole family is whisking along in private climate controlled comfort at 75 mph, able to listen to world class music at a whim, unslowed by darkness. Back at work, it is the puniness of my mortal carcass against whatever weather Nature sees fit.

  10. flagmichael commented on Wizard of Id 15 days ago

    @K.C.Fahel – I know what you mean. Right now I have a son in the hospital, recovering from an aortic dissection Tuesday and a daughter who is being transported to the Mayo clinic after three weeks in the local hospital. Waiting for times to get better.