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  1. Sperry23 commented on Strange Brew 5 days ago

    Minnesota’s Winter Motto.

  2. Sperry23 commented on WaynoVision 9 days ago

    Thanks. I don’t typically enjoy having a joke explained, but this is really good info. And an interesting idea… hmmm….

  3. Sperry23 commented on Ballard Street 9 days ago

    Looks an awfully lot like a sugar beet. A small sugar beet.

  4. Sperry23 commented on Arlo and Janis 19 days ago

    Eons ago, I loved to read the comic strip “Gasoline Alley”. One of the things I enjoyed about it was, unlike “Dennis the Menace”, time flowed. characters grew up, grew old, and, sadly, died.

    “Arlo and Janis” is one of my favorite strips for pretty much the same reasons. I’m really enjoying the stories about Gene and his family. He was such a cute kid.

  5. Sperry23 commented on Endtown about 1 month ago

    Aaron’s out of commission for the moment. He mentions why in one of the comments above. I can wait as long as it takes. It’s worth it.

  6. Sperry23 commented on MythTickle about 1 month ago

    Not really ghostwritten. The Monkees always gave credit to the writers on the labels and liner notes. While doing the TV show, the studio had control of what they performed. Once they were on their own, they controlled, wrote, and performed what they wanted to including covers and their own work.

  7. Sperry23 commented on Lay Lines about 1 month ago

    Oh, lordy. I work with this person. Tragically hip and complement intolerant.

  8. Sperry23 commented on Lard's World Peace Tips about 1 month ago

    The capital of Peru is $409.853 billion (PPP – Purchasing Power Parity)

  9. Sperry23 commented on WuMo about 1 month ago

    I think it’s supposed to be a navel piercing, but you never know. Maybe one, maybe the other, maybe both. In any case… owieowowow.

  10. Sperry23 commented on Non Sequitur about 1 month ago

    As Marshal McLuhan said, “Art is anything you can get away with.”