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  1. Sperry23 commented on Lio 10 days ago

    I… I really, really, really don’t want to know.

  2. Sperry23 commented on Bloom County 2015 11 days ago

    I know it’s not really related, but I can’t help but think of that great line from Doctor Strangelove, “Gentlemen, please! You can’t fight in here! This is the War Room!”

  3. Sperry23 commented on Lio 12 days ago

    I wonder HOO they are.

  4. Sperry23 commented on Endtown 15 days ago

    MegaCity 2

  5. Sperry23 commented on Zen Pencils 17 days ago

    Many times, but not always, the “crazies” rise to power because they speak to and appeal to the hopes and fears of the poor, underserved, and neglected.

    These people are drawn to the tyrants and dictators because they are promised a better life if they would just help the crazies get rid of whatever group the crazies hate the most; jews, arabs, blacks, whites, rich, poor, whoever.

    Bad guys will actively stoke the fires of hatred wherever, whenever, and to whomever they can.

    And it works. Witness the screeds from the current crop of politicians running for President, Senate, and Congress. And do not be fooled by them.

  6. Sperry23 commented on Lio 28 days ago

    “Oh, what a good doggie.”

  7. Sperry23 commented on Endtown 28 days ago

    Hehe. The Husky Farmhand Special is probably a 3-egg omelet.

  8. Sperry23 commented on Lio about 1 month ago

    I suspect Lio’s been there before.

  9. Sperry23 commented on Endtown about 1 month ago

    Yes, it does appear that Kirby and Wally are having a celebratory liplock. Where is this going, I wonder.

  10. Sperry23 commented on PreTeena about 1 month ago

    Oh, great! Now I’ve got Puccini as an earworm. Thanks, Allison!