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  1. Sperry23 commented on Bound and Gagged 2 days ago

    Mice like peanut butter better than cheese anyway.

  2. Sperry23 commented on Stone Soup 6 days ago

    Hey! I laughed until I stopped! It’s a funny strip. The comments are just side chat. They can be funny, informative, or even just annoying. They’re part of the entertainment.

  3. Sperry23 commented on The Buckets 6 days ago

    Nice try, but… no.

  4. Sperry23 commented on Stone Soup 7 days ago

    Allergies can develop over time. Once the accumulated level of an allergen reaches a certain point, it begins to trigger a reaction.

    Adult onset of hay fever, for example, is not uncommon.

    Sorry about the chocolate, Holly. Try carob as a (poor) substitute.

  5. Sperry23 commented on Biographic 10 days ago

    Absolutely! Brett was totally spot on in his portrayal.

  6. Sperry23 commented on Endtown 23 days ago

    This really is a tragedy of Shakespearean proportions.

    Jim loved Sarah so much that when he found she was dying from an incurable whatever, he sacrificed everything to save her. He ended up going mad in no small part because of her betrayal and killed himself (maybe) because of it. Sarah, on the other hand tries to grab power and gets a handful dust… er, dittos, and loses even that.

    I love this comic!

  7. Sperry23 commented on WuMo about 1 month ago

    Rimshot, please.

  8. Sperry23 commented on Stone Soup about 1 month ago

    Wow! A contractor actually arrested for fraud? Now I know this strip is a work of fiction… fantasy even.

  9. Sperry23 commented on Poptropica about 1 month ago

    Ahh, the old tried-n-true method… Hackwriter’s Gambit.

  10. Sperry23 commented on Endtown about 1 month ago

    I gotta wonder if Sarah was this much of a psycho before her transition, or does she have a variant of what made Jim go nuts.