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  1. notsooldguy commented on On A Claire Day 2 days ago

    Of course we have free speech. Isn’t free speech what the Supreme Court used to justify the unlimited political contributions that bought us the wonderful do-nothing Congress we have now?

  2. notsooldguy commented on On A Claire Day 3 days ago

    Or, to extend that logic, how ANY job is an example of parasitism. Next time you’re in an accident, be sure to thank the parasites who cut you out of the car and take you to the hospital.

  3. notsooldguy commented on Gasoline Alley 4 days ago

    They must be in Gitmo. In prison but no trial.

  4. notsooldguy commented on Medium Large 6 days ago

    Ha! Good one.

  5. notsooldguy commented on Medium Large 6 days ago

    Ha! Good one.

  6. notsooldguy commented on Off the Mark 8 days ago

    Raccoons are more likely to be hit on the road if they are ill. On the Eastern seaboard, the first rule out for a sick raccoon should always be rabies. Raccoons are also susceptible to canine distemper.

  7. notsooldguy commented on Real Life Adventures 8 days ago

    This reminds me of the school bus scenes in Jeepers Creepers II.

  8. notsooldguy commented on The Argyle Sweater 8 days ago

    Your science moment for the day…bird urine is white. In contrast to mammals who excrete nitrogen waste as urea, birds excrete urate which is white. The urine and the poo collect in a common chamber called the cloaca. Thus the urine and the poo are mixed together although it seems the urine tends to predominate. A cursory examination of the exterior or your car or truck will generally confirm this. Thank you for your attention. You may now return to enjoying the comics.

  9. notsooldguy commented on It's All About You 8 days ago

    Some people take great pleasure in feeling sorry for themselves, too. It can be quite addictive.

  10. notsooldguy commented on The Awkward Yeti 12 days ago

    Ah, Mr. Colon…ever the spoilsport.