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  1. yumpinyiminey commented on Dick Tracy 3 days ago

    I agree, Paula. After all the trouble Curtis and Staton went to bring the Moon Maid character back and make her such an important part of the story and Honeymoon’s life, all with such obvious love for her character, I sincerely doubt they’re going to write her out. And like you said, she’s so mega-popular with so many people that they’d be facing a real hornet’s nest if they ever killed her off now. LIke from me. Moon Maid has already died once in this strip, but not ever again!

  2. yumpinyiminey commented on Dick Tracy 3 days ago

    Fantastic work there, Pequod! “Disarms the pilot with panache. High-heel boots hug her thighs. Zaps the lock until it melts: focused, fearless, true and wise.” Love it! Thank you!

  3. yumpinyiminey commented on Dick Tracy 3 days ago

    I’m glad I checked in early today. I agree, John Russell, Mysta looks gorgeous! I guess some people are timid about saying that, but her attractiveness is part of the enjoyment we’re supposed to have with the character. So, let’s just enjoy her! I always liked the way Chester Gould drew Moon Maid, but wow, the way Joe Staton draws her is so beautiful and sexy, it really affects me emotionally. Add to that her powers and the mystery about her and the moon clothes, and Miss Chimera has some serious ability to fascinate. What a delightful character she is!

    I’m also excited to find out what this “escape plan” is all about. What’s in Suite 6B, anyway? Another delicious mystery for us to think about for awhile. Meanwhile, will we see the moon people before this chapter of the story is over?

  4. yumpinyiminey commented on Dick Tracy 17 days ago

    All this and now Mysta?? I’m loving it too!

  5. yumpinyiminey commented on Dick Tracy 24 days ago

    I haven’t commented for awhile, but after seeing your post about Mysta being one of Gould’s very best characters, I wanted to voice my hearty amen. I’ll go one step further. IMHO Moon Maid is THE BEST character Gould ever created. Beautiful, sexy, provocative, mysterious, powerful, perfect. She made me happy as a kid and she makes me happier now. I could never get enough of her, never learn enough about her, and I can’t wait to find out what Bribery’s big secret is about her. And you’re totally right, this is without doubt a new golden age of Dick Tracy. I’m totally addicted to Moon Maid. Some people might sneer at my enthusiasm. I could give a rip. Moon Maid’s the bomb! The decision to bring her back was the single best call Staton and Curtis ever made, and it’s made me a happy fan and a happy man. The only thing that would make me happier is if she had a strip of her own. Long live Moon Maid!

  6. yumpinyiminey commented on Dick Tracy 6 months ago

    Stiletta’s dead? There’s a kick in the head. I was not expecting this. I liked the character, but I like this development more! It reminds me of the old days when Gould would kill off villains unexpectedly. It left me feeling a little shaken, but that got me more involved in the story. Great move!

  7. yumpinyiminey commented on Dick Tracy about 1 year ago

    I haven’t commented much, but I think this crossover is crazy good.

  8. yumpinyiminey commented on Dick Tracy about 1 year ago

    “…..and I don’t know how Mike and Joe come up with THIS stuff – it’s great!”

    I agree, it’s very imaginative! The art is also right on the money for Annie’s world. Good stuff!

  9. yumpinyiminey commented on Dick Tracy about 1 year ago

    I admit I’m confused, but that doesn’t bother me at all. Being in the dark is half the fun! I’m sure it will all make sense in the end. But right now I’m just enjoying the ride.

  10. yumpinyiminey commented on Dick Tracy about 1 year ago

    No kidding. Morrow, is that you? You’re sounding just like your bosom buddy. ;)