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  1. yumpinyiminey commented on Dick Tracy 4 days ago

    Haha, a shocking development for Vera!

    If people are going to go after Mysta for this, I suppose to be consistent they’d better go after Sparkle for punching out the same guy, with less provocation no less:


  2. yumpinyiminey commented on Dick Tracy 6 days ago

    Wait, did you hear a noise? No, it’s gone now, never mind.

  3. yumpinyiminey commented on Dick Tracy 6 days ago

    “……why on earth, though, if she wants to live a normal life, would she use “chimera” as part of her name???”

    I know what you mean. Beyond that, why does she even need a last name? As famous and adored as she has become by now, I doubt anyone in Tracyland is asking “Mysta who?” She needs a last name about as much as Beyoncé or Madonna. :)

    I would suggest that once Mysta’s genetic transformation is complete, and especially if/when the Governor and his family embrace her as one of their own, they should just retire the last name and call her Mysta.

  4. yumpinyiminey commented on Dick Tracy 6 days ago

    Hey cheapskate0, I like your feedback, but one suggestion? It’s easy enough to skip over certain posters who have a history of being trolls. It’s clear they’re here to sneer and jeer, and I learned long ago that whatever they have to say is a safe pass. But when you take up bandwidth to repeat their trollish statements and even defend them, gag. Once is enough, and repeating them just makes me skip your posts, too. And I don’t want to do that since your opinions are worth reading.

    Do whatever you want, it’s a free country. More power to you. I’m just telling you how I roll with this site, but I know for certain I’m not the only one because I can think of at least four other people who frequent this site who have said the same kind of things to me privately.

  5. yumpinyiminey commented on Dick Tracy 7 days ago

    “A real life spinoff strip devoted to Moon Maid and all the space stories? Genius stuff! I’d be all over that if Joe Staton would do the art.”
    For me an announcement like that would fall somewhere in the pinch-me-I’m-dreaming category. But you know, I could see it. I wonder if that’s ever been discussed? Make it so, Mike and Joe! You’d have my vote.

  6. yumpinyiminey commented on Dick Tracy 9 days ago

    And before the inevitable curmudgeon speaks up to dampen the enthusiasm, let me just say that all the excitement over Mysta is what helped Team Tracy win a Harvey Award. Excitement about characters is always always always a good thing for this comic strip. Even if Mysta isn’t your favorite like she is mine I hope you can appreciate what she’s helping to restore to Dick Tracy. Passion, excitement, wonder, joy, mystery, fantasy. All the good things we have enjoyed about daily comic strips at some point in our lives. Mysta’s bringing it folks, big time. More fans, more fun, more interest in the story, more excitement, and a return to relevance. Keep your eye on the big picture. It’s all good.

  7. yumpinyiminey commented on Dick Tracy 9 days ago

    Absolutely! No doubt about it. And this coming from one who was a huge fan of Gould’s work and the original Moon Maid.

  8. yumpinyiminey commented on Dick Tracy 9 days ago

    “Every day is like a dish of the perfect apple pie my gramma used to make. And Mysta is the two scoops of vanilla ice cream, the whipped cream, and the three cherries on top.
    And no matter how much we get of her, I always want a second helping!”

    Your quote was so good it needed to be repeated. No way I could let it pass by without comment. Thanks for waxing eloquently.

    I enjoy the passion Mysta inspires. The gushing of JerryH and Gweedo and others is fun to read. Downright contagious too! Pequod77 isn’t the only one inspired by the awesomeness that is Joe Staton’s Moon Maid II.

  9. yumpinyiminey commented on Dick Tracy 10 days ago

    Looks like Kolossal is in for it. Will Mysta be called upon to save the day? She’s certainly available for duty. :)

  10. yumpinyiminey commented on Dick Tracy 13 days ago

    An aptly-titled role for sure!