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  1. tauyen commented on The Grizzwells 1 day ago

    Why does AC360 come to mind here?

  2. tauyen commented on Signe Wilkinson 3 days ago

    Wrong food is being served – these parasites feed exclusively on pork

  3. tauyen commented on Henry Payne 4 days ago


  4. tauyen commented on Glenn McCoy 10 days ago

    We correctly label ISIS as terrorists when they attack civilian targets, but what do we call Americans who kill students on campus?

  5. tauyen commented on Ken Catalino 10 days ago

    ‘disgustedamerican’ is just as bad as those he condemns when he refers to the ‘one true god’. Only when we accept that people are free to worship – or not – the deity of their chose will we truly become civilized.

  6. tauyen commented on Phil Hands 11 days ago

    The TSA, and it’s effect on air travel, is a monument to how they have won.

  7. tauyen commented on Henry Payne 12 days ago

    One can’t help but wonder what Payne would do if the GOP actually found somebody that was electable – who then proceeded to do what they do best – royally screw things up.

    If the GOP does manage a win, will the House return to work – since they’re only going to work 111 days next year.

  8. tauyen commented on Henry Payne 18 days ago

    Wonder who Payne will blame if, by some chance, a Republican wins the election. Oh yeah, everything that ever went wrong since Cain wanted to be an only child is Obama’s fault.

  9. tauyen commented on Scott Stantis 18 days ago

    What we owe our veterans is the real national debt.

  10. tauyen commented on Michael Ramirez 21 days ago

    Two mysteries to be solved:

    Can’t the GOP find anybody better than the current crop?
    Why is The View still on?