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  1. tauyen commented on Henry Payne 11 days ago

    It’s one thing to be silly, another to brag about it. Anybody remember Nixon and the so called ‘Imperial Presidency’? On the other hand, Princess Michelle is entitled to life the life she learned from BeyoncĂ©. NOT

  2. tauyen commented on Jim Morin 11 days ago

    That would make it easier to ‘tip toe’ around the issue

  3. tauyen commented on John Deering 13 days ago

    The pilot sits on the left side, not the right side. Other than that…

  4. tauyen commented on Michael Ramirez 14 days ago

    Time to stop reading this strip. It’s not only tiresome and repetitive, it’s silly.

  5. tauyen commented on Matt Davies 14 days ago

    Delta is making money, United is marginal while American is still bleeding.

  6. tauyen commented on Jerry Holbert 19 days ago

    And what about the legions of republicans who vote against Obama 100% of the time – even when the item under consideration was previously proposed by the GOP?

  7. tauyen commented on Michael Ramirez 21 days ago

    This is tiresome. Mike is a one trick pony.

  8. tauyen commented on Gary Varvel 24 days ago

    And Congress is still on vacation! The question is – what are they on vacation from? They do nothing except complain that Obama does something.

  9. tauyen commented on Ted Rall 24 days ago

    The message here is that voting for Obama caused the Ferguson PD to be 90+% White. Yeah, sure. Let’s try and stay in the real world for just a bit – the change will do us good.

  10. tauyen commented on Henry Payne 25 days ago

    reply to ‘yusodum’.
    Huh? Most of the stockholders would be foreigners? If by that you mean non US, what make you think that most US stockholders will sell their shares? Of course if the merger is a stock swap than there would be no US holders of common stock, but there are always ADRs

    But, if this bothers you, don’t eat there. Your arteries will thank you.