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  1. Tuhalu commented on Wizard of Id Classics 24 days ago

    The only way it would take 12 hours for the tide to go out… is if it was already out. It’s ~12hr 25min between low tides. Not sure if that makes it funnier or sadder.

  2. Tuhalu commented on Back to B.C. about 1 month ago

    This is why catching fish by hand is called Noodling, not canoodling!

  3. Tuhalu commented on Wizard of Id 5 months ago

    This comic has definitely jumped the shark now.

  4. Tuhalu commented on B.C. about 2 years ago

    The statistics do indicate hundreds of shark attacks. Over the last 100 years. According to the linked site, we get about 8 attacks total a year. In comparison, nearly 300 people die from drowning every year in Australia. The water is more dangerous than the sharks.

  5. Tuhalu commented on B.C. over 2 years ago

    The implication is that the Reuben Awards are not the most exciting event one could attend or the most prestigious awards one could receive.

  6. Tuhalu commented on B.C. almost 3 years ago

    They seem to be laying it on a bit thick today. He’s up to his ankles in something brown.

  7. Tuhalu commented on B.C. about 3 years ago

    Yep. It’s pretty much a myth based on misinformation. Piranhas generally don’t go after large live targets and actually school together as a defensive measure against other bigger fish (of which there are some truly scary big ones in their parts of the world!).


  8. Tuhalu commented on B.C. about 3 years ago

    Clumsy may have more than the usual number of left feet (hence the name), but he has the eptest hands you ever saw.

  9. Tuhalu commented on Wizard of Id over 3 years ago

    No, but with the need to shave, we could see some hobbit foaming.

  10. Tuhalu commented on B.C. over 3 years ago

    “He who would rather curse the darkness than light a single candle has lost his flashlight in the dynamite shed”.

    Sure I’ve read it phrased that way at least once before.