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  1. JoshuaD commented on Candorville 4 months ago

    No; look at Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland. More accurate examples of Bernie’s brand of democratic socialism.

  2. JoshuaD commented on Frazz 4 months ago

    Shaving is overrated. And a waste of time. Let it grow!

  3. JoshuaD commented on Adam@Home 5 months ago

    Manilow? I’d go with Chuck.

  4. JoshuaD commented on The Big Picture 7 months ago

    Pay no attention to the haters. Puns are great; the worse the better!

  5. JoshuaD commented on The Knight Life 8 months ago

    Would a “ballpark figure” describe a guy built like a ballplayer, or built like a fan? Either way it makes for a great description.

  6. JoshuaD commented on Non Sequitur 12 months ago

    Well since Capitalism is our state religion nowadays, “Finance District” and “Church District” are basically the same.

  7. JoshuaD commented on Non Sequitur over 1 year ago

    So, Bernie Sanders then?

  8. JoshuaD commented on Frazz over 1 year ago

    I love the java jive, and it loves me!

  9. JoshuaD commented on Ben over 1 year ago

    I was sort of like that as a kid. I didn’t usually say them out loud, but I did tend to think of hypothetical scenarios in which a given strict edict might not apply.

  10. JoshuaD commented on Barney & Clyde over 1 year ago

    “I think it would be fun to run a TV station” — nice classic cinema shout-out!