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  1. ramblwrk68 commented on Drabble about 3 years ago

    See 4/22 panel – Ralph’s cousin’s niece.

  2. ramblwrk68 commented on Pat Oliphant over 3 years ago

    I think the duck is speechless, and probably for its own good!

  3. ramblwrk68 commented on Dog Eat Doug almost 4 years ago

    Also BIGGER!

  4. ramblwrk68 commented on Doonesbury almost 4 years ago

    GT must be preparing his election week strips, as he will have to submit at least three story lines, one being a stalemate in the EC. The results Tuesday will determine Thursday on, for several days. The newspaper editors will have to pick the appropriate panel Tuesday and Wed.

  5. ramblwrk68 commented on Stuart Carlson almost 4 years ago

    Why is the thermometer upside down?

  6. ramblwrk68 commented on Non Sequitur almost 4 years ago

    The book title was “To Serve Man” on the TZ episode. Lloyd Shotner(?), the main character’s actor, figured out the “How” part as he was being ushered onto the ship!

  7. ramblwrk68 commented on Dog Eat Doug about 4 years ago

    Black and White?

  8. ramblwrk68 commented on Drabble about 4 years ago

    Yeah, kind of lame. Either the usher knows the other two, or he’s just taking the easy way out (1, instead of 2!)

  9. ramblwrk68 commented on Drabble about 4 years ago

    Has anyone else thought this might be the guy who sold norm the tickets?

  10. ramblwrk68 commented on Drabble over 4 years ago

    Has to be the Blue Dudes, other wise a long story line terminates.