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  1. jvbowman58 commented on Pluggers almost 2 years ago

    Happened to my favorite Clemson Tigers cap – thanks to a puppy dog.

  2. jvbowman58 commented on Dog Eat Doug almost 2 years ago

    When the grandsons are at the table, the shih-tzu’s camp out underneath.

  3. jvbowman58 commented on Rabbits Against Magic about 2 years ago

    I see 8-Ball’s ears are bandaged in the wake of yesterday’s strip.

  4. jvbowman58 commented on Working Daze about 2 years ago

    My calico brought in a live chipmunk and a live snake (we had a cat door). Most gifts were left at the outside of the door (chipmunks, birds, frog). Several times she had a chipmunk still alive that she would “play” with (new meaning to playing with your food).

  5. jvbowman58 commented on Random Acts of Nancy about 2 years ago

    Be careful when you complain about a fly in your soup? Um-m, extra protein!

  6. jvbowman58 commented on Wizard of Id over 2 years ago

    Lie down worked – after a fashion.

  7. jvbowman58 commented on Peanuts over 2 years ago

    Copyright shows 1967

  8. jvbowman58 commented on Dog Eat Doug over 2 years ago

    Back of the couch is my Shih-Tsu’s usual hangout. He spends alot of time there.

  9. jvbowman58 commented on Rip Haywire over 2 years ago

    He lives to eat. He’ll get past anything at any speed and in any stealth to reach food.

  10. jvbowman58 commented on Calvin and Hobbes over 2 years ago

    Cartoon first appeared 1994. Word processors (computer based office machine, not the software app) were just gaining prominence before PC supplanted them and not usually for home use.