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  1. Snoopy_Fan commented on Luann 6 days ago

    “Hey, need any hot firefighters for a bachelorette bash?”

    “Why? Do you know any?”

  2. Snoopy_Fan commented on That is Priceless 7 days ago

    Internet porn was a lot less interesting in the 1800s…

  3. Snoopy_Fan commented on Peanuts 9 days ago

    According to the Peanuts Wiki, Woodstock was indeed one of the birds that hatched on Snoopy’s stomach in 1966. Pre-1966, you are correct; Schulz used multiple birds without ascribing a name to them. However, it is very likely that today’s bird (the male one) is the infamous Woodstock. He appeared before 1970. He just wasn’t named until June 22, 1970 and he was named after the Woodstock festival held in New York the previous summer. You can check it out at the Peanuts Wiki.

  4. Snoopy_Fan commented on Peanuts 11 days ago

    Yay! I hope, as usual, that your blood donation goes well. That’s such a worthwhile cause that helps so many people. I usually do okay with needles. I have blood drawn annually for my physical exam. (For cholesterol, glucose, etc.) I’ve had once or twice where they kept sticking me because they couldn’t find a vein. I didn’t like that.

    My week has been good and, as usual for a Friday, I’m tired. I hope your week has likewise been good. I hope your weekend is even better.


  5. Snoopy_Fan commented on Peanuts 14 days ago

    Don’t worry, Snoopy. The Head Beagle just wants to meet the world-famous golfer, tennis player, vulture, WWI pilot, and author that has been captivating readers for years!


  6. Snoopy_Fan commented on Peanuts 15 days ago

    That’s certainly what they look like. One of my favorite cereals. I usually eat the Multigrain version but Chocolate Cheerios are my occasional treat. :-)

  7. Snoopy_Fan commented on Peanuts 15 days ago

    Well, she has red (or orange) hair but she’s not THE “little red-haired girl” that Charlie Brown has a crush on.

  8. Snoopy_Fan commented on Peanuts 15 days ago

    Frieda… The one with naturally-curly hair.

  9. Snoopy_Fan commented on Peanuts 18 days ago

    Hello, Number Three!Yes, I saw where GoComics has changed its commenting policies and formatting. I’m extremely disappointed but, like you, will probably stay. It’s still a nice community of commenters and, of course, I love the comics. I’m glad the limit is 2000. Thanks for telling me. I’d heard the 500-word limit before.I’m glad you’re staying. I hope you have a tremendous weekend!


  10. Snoopy_Fan commented on That is Priceless 19 days ago

    “Oh… No wonder… It’s a chamber pot.”