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  1. Snoopy_Fan commented on Peanuts about 4 hours ago

    Hi, Number Three!!! I have been doing well but I have been busy. A lot of meetings after work this week.

    Hope you are doing well. I have truly missed you, and it is always good to hear from you! Thanks for the George Harrison song; it’s one of my favorites.

    You are always so kind and positive with your weekend wishes! I likewise hope your weekend is “almost as wonderful and special as YOU are!”

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  4. Snoopy_Fan commented on Peanuts 5 days ago

    I understand what you are saying and much of it is true. “Fundies of every stripe, denomination and religion cause more grief and evil in this world than anyone has a right to do.” That includes atheists, does it not? I have known some atheists to be as dogmatic, unbending, and “fundamentalist” as any “bible-thumper.” And speaking as a lifelong Southern Baptist, I have not known many who are as “selfish” as others portray Southern Baptists of being. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist, of course, but one’s experience - yours or mine - does not always reflect overall reality. The household and churches I was raised in always taught generosity, whether giving to the poor or tipping a waitress or lending to others - just as Christ taught. Belief (or non-belief) is an individual thing and we should expect that most people, being human, do not always live up to even their own expectations. There are many very loving and honorable Christians out there and we would be better off if there were more of them.

  5. Snoopy_Fan commented on Peanuts 5 days ago

    LUCY GERMS!!!!

  6. Snoopy_Fan commented on Peanuts 8 days ago

    Thank you, Number Three, for letting me know. I miss you so much when we don’t hear from you. I am sure I will miss you and of course I will be thinking of you lots. I hope to write to you soon.

    I sincerely hope your time away is productive for you and most certainly enjoyable. Love you, Sweetheart!

  7. Snoopy_Fan commented on Inherit the Mirth 9 days ago

    I believe the story of Lilith comes from Jewish legend. Some see differences in the creation stories of chapters one and two in Genesis that hint at two different females being created.

  8. Snoopy_Fan commented on That is Priceless 10 days ago

    “Funny how you get less interesting when you put on clothes…”

  9. Snoopy_Fan commented on Peanuts 10 days ago

    Good to see you back, Number Three! Hope you’re feeling better.

  10. Snoopy_Fan commented on Peanuts 14 days ago

    Thank you, Number Three! I greatly appreciate your thoughts about me. Trust me; I always think about you too.

    I’m working on getting over my cold. Earlier this week, I thought I was getting over it, but by Tuesday evening it was clear I was losing my voice. I began drinking more water and trying to leave work as soon as possible so I could rest. Wednesday was the worst day as far as my laryngitis. But as I mentioned in my e-mail, I had today off from work, so after I took my car in for maintenance, I came back home and slept for most of the afternoon. I feel better and I think my voice is starting to recover.

    HA!!! Flannel shirts are a staple around here. People wear them from October through February, depending on how cool the temperature is. You all may call them something else in merry olde England. :-)

    Thanks for the realistic hug! :-) I accept it wholeheartedly and return the favor a million-fold:
    Snoopy and CB hug GIF

    Your e-mails (like your posts here at GoComics) always cheer me up and brighten my day. Likewise, I’m glad that you enjoy my e-mails, too. Sometimes I get busy or exhausted or, as in this week’s case, a bit under the weather. That may delay my responses to you but, believe me, you are on my mind constantly. I appreciate you tremendously.

    Continue having a great weekend!

    Love you!