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  1. bluegirl285 commented on Thatababy 6 months ago

    Maybe SpongeBob got a case of the suds again.

  2. bluegirl285 commented on Thatababy 6 months ago

    When life gives you lemons, leave them on your face for the football game!

  3. bluegirl285 commented on Non Sequitur 6 months ago

    “Ok, I should have left out that last part.”

    Oh, you think so Kate?

  4. bluegirl285 commented on Thatababy 6 months ago

    Only if Paul Trap feels they’re scarier than Donald Trump and his monster hair.

  5. bluegirl285 commented on JumpStart 6 months ago

    Somehow, I don’t think that house is for you, Teddy…

  6. bluegirl285 commented on Calvin and Hobbes 7 months ago

    Hobbes comment on good things lasting forever is my favorite quote. I use it as my signature.

  7. bluegirl285 commented on Scary Gary about 1 year ago

    What exactly went into that chili? Alien acid blood?

  8. bluegirl285 commented on Thatababy about 1 year ago

    Love the look on the baby’s face.

  9. bluegirl285 commented on Banana Triangle about 1 year ago

    Every time Rosemary brings up the subject of protein, she always looks at Scotty.

  10. bluegirl285 commented on WuMo about 1 year ago

    Decisions, decisions…

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