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  1. Davoid commented on Rip Haywire over 3 years ago

    I love the longer Sunday format! Thanks, Dan!

  2. Davoid commented on Liberty Meadows over 3 years ago

    Wow! Awesomest comment ever! Subtle, with bold overtones…

  3. Davoid commented on Rip Haywire over 3 years ago

    Insurance companies are very happy when you pay for their product, but if you actually USE it, they get very grumpy. Sometimes refuse to allow you to pay for it any longer…odd, eh?

  4. Davoid commented on Calvin and Hobbes over 4 years ago

    O yah, and the kids who were disciplined sternly turn out to be Taliban. Or other religious fanatics. Yep. Way to go. Keep on spankin.’ O, right, and they love to be spanked, too! That’s a side benefit!

  5. Davoid commented on The Knight Life over 4 years ago

    Christi, you didn’t misunderstand. And it would be hard to find anything funny about a “black man pinata,” But if there were, it would take an exceptionally bold black humorist, like Keith Knight, to find it. And that’s exactly what happened. He’s bold, black, and wonderful.

  6. Davoid commented on Rip Haywire over 4 years ago

    Exodus translated to English = Exit Us, which means you. ghod must be really desperate if she’s trolling comic strip websites scouting for heathens like me. And you, because you believe in a false ghod, like the baptist one (if you believe in presbyterianity) or like the presbyterian one (if you believe in baptistmatarianism). Get a (an everlasting one) life somewhere else PLEASE!

  7. Davoid commented on Liberty Meadows almost 5 years ago

    Bring back Brandy and Jen!

  8. Davoid commented on Liberty Meadows almost 5 years ago

    This strip used to have human drama, interesting characters and beautiful large~breasted women, with animals as foils. Now it’s just the animals. Dumb. Frank, you can do way better than this!