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  1. OshkoshJohn commented on Bloom County 2016 about 1 month ago

    France has been a secular society since they executed the entire royal family during their revolution in the 18th Century!

  2. OshkoshJohn commented on Pearls Before Swine 7 months ago

    When I retired, I gave away all of my tools for auto repair, carpentry, and electrical work, except for basic home fix-it, i.e., a good framing hammer, a few screw drivers, an adjustable wrench, and a few kinds of pliers.

    People want you to use your tools if you are known to own tools.

    They also want to borrow them, and frequently break them or lose them.

  3. OshkoshJohn commented on Bloom County 2016 8 months ago

    Dose nuts? No, deez nutz!

  4. OshkoshJohn commented on Bloom County 2016 8 months ago

    Keep punching, and never let the bastards see you cry.

  5. OshkoshJohn commented on Frazz 8 months ago

    “No man is an island…he’s a peninsula.” – Jefferson Airplane

  6. OshkoshJohn commented on Bloom County 2016 9 months ago

    Jeebus H. Crow, have you all who lambaste BB for his fine artwork not bothered to be fans, come to not recognize a pre-existing character? I am sure she has been here before. Also, too, some of the cartoons might be adult-ish, so be careful. Some of us don’t care for “Hi and Lois,” or even “Prince Valiant.”

  7. OshkoshJohn commented on Frazz over 1 year ago

    Because of the shabby way the Republican-controlled state of Wisconsin is treating it’s teachers, they are bailing as soon as they reach retirement age. The way teachers with decades of experience are retiring, the pool of mentors for new teachers is draining fast! “Time to go, bonobo,” they might be saying.

  8. OshkoshJohn commented on Frazz over 1 year ago

    uh-oh said, about 6 hours ago

    Many teachers enjoy all of the time off practicing for their pensions.

    Uh-oh, are you not aware that most teacher’s contracts allow them to receive their nine-month’s salaries in 12 pieces? If you know any teachers, ask them about this.

  9. OshkoshJohn commented on Doonesbury over 1 year ago

    Richard S. Russell, you forgot my governor, Scotty “Turdwaffle” Walker of Wisconsin, who, with his henchpeople in the state assembly and senate, have been disassembling Wisconsin for two sessions.

  10. OshkoshJohn commented on Perry Bible Fellowship over 1 year ago

    Google “Dewberry Domino, The Counting Phenomeno” was a game created for the Timex-Sinclair PC in the very late Seventies. The player had to guess a math fact similar to the old flashcards correctly, or an orca would grab the little penguin.