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  1. ecboston commented on The Buckets 4 months ago

    I think there is a curse about living forever and all you prayers coming true

  2. ecboston commented on Red and Rover 5 months ago

    You have described our Blue heeler mix’s cat interaction dead on. She did catch a squirrel once

  3. ecboston commented on Bloom County 5 months ago

    These killers seem to do way better than police or any body else for that matter. But did you ever take time to think that they might not be able to be walking around calmly massacring people if some one was shooting at them ? It seems that is what they do till someone confronts them. Then they shoot themselves

  4. ecboston commented on Bloom County 6 months ago

    Then they would kill us out of mercy !

  5. ecboston commented on Working Daze 9 months ago

    Great artwork on the dress Scott !

  6. ecboston commented on Working Daze 9 months ago

    so very true

  7. ecboston commented on In the Bleachers 9 months ago

    He will live through it. No glasses.

  8. ecboston commented on Over the Hedge 10 months ago

    I am also an avid reader. I don’t know how many books I own but looking around my house I would, say a lot. The reason I like e readers is convenience. Books don’t pile up & I can buy almost any book from my reading chair. I still love books but a nook is great to have. Happy reading!

  9. ecboston commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 10 months ago

    John Ashcroft , George W bush’s Attn. General lost an election to a dead guy

  10. ecboston commented on Strange Brew 11 months ago

    This is a very good drawing of the dragon.