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Luann Againn

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  1. Hildegard commented on For Better or For Worse 3 months ago

    Our Bernese Mountain Dog rarely gets ice clots in her paws. She loves the rub down that she gets with a towel after being outside in fresh snow!

  2. Hildegard commented on Dog Eat Doug 4 months ago

    My dog’s very smart. She always removes the straw and the lid before drinking. Cider slushies are her favorite but water’s fine with her too.

  3. Hildegard commented on Pickles 6 months ago

    See a penny, pick it up. All that day, you’ll have good luck.

  4. Hildegard commented on Arlo and Janis 8 months ago

    My husband has suits and sports jackets; flannel shirts for dress; flannel shirts for outside; nice short sleeves; casual short sleeves; and then there’s shirts for Scouts and 3 shelves of Tees. He manages with 3 closets and juggles them. I have one closet with dressier or warmer things on one side. I like Arlo’s thinking.

  5. Hildegard commented on For Better or For Worse 12 months ago

    Julia Child

  6. Hildegard commented on For Better or For Worse about 1 year ago

    Separate bathrooms is the only way to go.

  7. Hildegard commented on Pickles about 1 year ago

    Agree to disagree about pillows. And mountainvalleyboy, I never travel by air or car without 2 of my trusted pillows. Since I sleep with 3, it’s a concession.

  8. Hildegard commented on Pickles over 1 year ago

    The few books I purchase, I donate to our local library for their book sale events. I know that I can check out my favorites over and over. With 5 hard bound books and several ebooks for travel checked out from the library, I’m always prepared. We are so fortunate to have books available to all.

  9. Hildegard commented on The Born Loser over 1 year ago

    I had a boss once who said I couldn’t take sick leave to take my sick pet to the vet. I think it’s accepted for children but mine were old enough to drive themselves.

  10. Hildegard commented on Arlo and Janis over 1 year ago

    Arlo, there’s one very real reason to enjoy a bath. You want Calgon to take you away…. And the door needs to be locked to discourage outside thoughts from seeping in.