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  1. teaguemj commented on Chuck Asay about 7 years ago

    Scott, you are my friend! These dems don’t work, have nada to do, and so they have plenty of time to comment on the funny pages. Those of us who do work, only get here now and then. And I am fed up with their bull__ too!

  2. teaguemj commented on State of the Union about 7 years ago

    I think anyone who can stand up and do the job, should be allowed to. Its only a problem if their gender/ sexual preferences interfere with their ability to perform in combat.

    That does happen. But not to all women, and not to all men, and not to all those who are shades in between.

    I do not support the homosexual or lesbian lifestyle. However, that lifestyle may not be an impediment to serving their country, although I am afraid that it is in many cases.

    Cohesiveness of a team of soldiers is crucial to staying alive. Trust is necessary., I think ,although I have never been in the military.

  3. teaguemj commented on For Better or For Worse about 7 years ago

    Macushlalondra, Your cat is beautiful! I used to have a medium length white cat very similar to yours. He is now living with a new family because my husband was allergic to him.

    On the cartoon: My kids left years ago, finished college and got married, but Terrylonewolf is right, they do come back. WITH OTHERS. All of mine are self supporting, but when they come home, there are 15 of us. ! O, I do love my Grandkids! They’re the greatest thing since chocolate.

  4. teaguemj commented on Calvin and Hobbes about 7 years ago

    Baslim the Beggar: Yes, I think English is wonderful, too! and so interesting…

  5. teaguemj commented on Donna Barstow about 7 years ago

    Well, there may be few or none old enough for tat removals now, but oh honey! In a about 20 or 30 years there are going to be plenty!

  6. teaguemj commented on Jim Morin about 7 years ago

    Well, Shakespeare said: First we must kill all the lawyers…

    I like what GNWachs says today.

    and about Hill…. I think that whirlwind tour is like so many things in Washington- not needed.

  7. teaguemj commented on Glenn McCoy about 7 years ago

    Busted. Good.

  8. teaguemj commented on Jeff Danziger about 7 years ago

    Which God?

  9. teaguemj commented on Lisa Benson about 7 years ago

    Good Question.

  10. teaguemj commented on Annie about 7 years ago

    jtpozenel has the right answer. I personally saw two of these on Highway 10 in New Mexico. No one cared.