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  1. Dr Low commented on Last Kiss about 4 years ago

    In the oringinal art the “black chick” is just another “white chick.” You tend to forget where we were and how far we have come.

  2. Dr Low commented on Luann about 4 years ago

    Wow. Happy birthday, Star. But how did Leviticus know?

  3. Dr Low commented on Luann about 4 years ago

    After years and years of dealing with these things I have concluded that the biggest difference between men and women is that men don’t understand women no matter how hard they try and women don’t understand men because they don’t try.

  4. Dr Low commented on For Heaven's Sake about 4 years ago

    Oh, that was indeed a good one! This gives me new insight. In Esther when it talks about Haman putting Xerxes seal on the new law to make it official, I wonder……The Persians did have exotic animals from all over.

  5. Dr Low commented on Shoe over 4 years ago

    That would mean Jimmy Carter was the last good president. Sorry, lived through the gas lines and the Iran hostage crisis and double didget inflation and all the goofiness. Gotta go back a lot further than Jimmy.

  6. Dr Low commented on Luann over 4 years ago

    Or, worse yet, poo.

  7. Dr Low commented on JumpStart over 4 years ago

    Lesbians don’t need to pee or poo?

  8. Dr Low commented on Luann over 4 years ago

    Gunther introduces Ox to Luann and Ox and Luann fall in love. Wouldn’t that be cool?

  9. Dr Low commented on Unstrange Phenomena over 4 years ago

    I have seen this one before. Didn’t know they did re-runs.

  10. Dr Low commented on The Elderberries over 4 years ago

    Hmmmmm…..Or does she?