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  1. sithech commented on Dilbert Classics 3 days ago

    Mine had a 1 Megaherz 8-bit 6502 and 48 kilobytes of memory. Only cost $1498. Without any disk drive. That was an extra $500 for a 148 K drive.

  2. sithech commented on PreTeena 15 days ago

    Fall not in love therefor; it will stick to your face.

  3. sithech commented on F Minus 23 days ago

    Should be to the fireworks fund on The Fifth of November. Penny for the Guy?

  4. sithech commented on Red and Rover 24 days ago

    I well, the story is that silver was withdrawn from US coins in 1964. EXCEPT for the brand new Kennedy half dollar. So naturally nobody spent their halves. They put them in the dresser drawer as souvenirs and because they would be valuable as the price of silver went up. The halves continued to have silver and be hordes until 1968. By then, everyone had gotten out of the habit of using them.

    Before then we got Franklin halves in change all the time, sometimes even older ones.

  5. sithech commented on Working Daze about 1 month ago

    Logging everything I eat, measuring and logging exercise, recording weight every day. Two years in, I lost 135 pounds and kept it off. Luck to your husband, it can be done.

  6. sithech commented on Dilbert Classics 3 months ago

    Fountain pens in the pocket would make a very bad mess without a pocket protector when you forgot to cap the pen and stuck it business side down into your pocket. Same for fiber-point pens. Ball points made less mess, but still some. The nerd pack protects your shirt from the ink.

  7. sithech commented on JumpStart 3 months ago

    @agingstoner, do you think that people who work in factories do so because they were slackers? If so, go visit the Tesla plant, the Apple Mac Pro factory, or any specialty steel mill. Would love to hear your insight. Or do you work in a factory?

  8. sithech commented on Freshly Squeezed 3 months ago

    Growing up in the 50s and 60s, homework was rare until junior high. Then it was not daily. That started in high school, usually about an hour a day. I turned out ok, at least my post-doctoral professors and my current students think so.

  9. sithech commented on Freshly Squeezed 5 months ago

    Show of hands: how many would call a cop on your kid in this situation, give him a juvie record, go to court, and so on? That’s what the “right” legal way is, yes, had he been arrested at the store.

  10. sithech commented on PreTeena 5 months ago

    What do you want them to learn at this age? With my kids, the money they controlled had to cover all their clothing, lunches, sports equipment, and a number of other things. And so when they moved out it was no shock that most of a paycheck was committed to non- fun things.