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Bloom County 2015 by Berkeley Breathed

Bloom County 2015

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  1. Mike commented on Bloom County 12 days ago

    This is one of the things they cut back on, which is why boy’s aren’t doing as well in class as they use to.
    As boys like to learn by doing, girls are far less open to slicing but happy to learn from reading.

  2. Mike commented on Calvin and Hobbes 12 days ago

    Freshly caught and cooked fish has very little smell compared to the stuff most people buy from the local supermarket.

  3. Mike commented on Bloom County 2015 12 days ago

    Looks like dad might be gardening, Binkly is just giving him some more compost ;)

  4. Mike commented on Bully 19 days ago

    :) ouch, who needs to see a chiropractor

  5. Mike commented on Last Kiss 24 days ago

    It’s funny how The Rump say’s to vote for him for a change in office, but apart for the last guy, you always have a rich old white guy in charge.

  6. Mike commented on Over the Hedge about 1 month ago

    I can’t believe how many of the 1% read this comic to be offended by it, or maybe it’s all the stooges the 1% employ to do there trolling.

  7. Mike commented on The Other Coast about 1 month ago

    Still is in some countries.

  8. Mike commented on Jerry Holbert about 1 month ago

    Jill Stein, since when was the green part a major party?

    Roseanne Barr again Peace and Freedom Party major party? Also a socialist who wants Trump to beat Hillary?

    Victoria Woodhull with Equal Rights Party again not a major party.

    So yes they’ve been nominated, but not for a “major” party

  9. Mike commented on Bloom County about 1 month ago

    Like so many forms of govt the idea is great but fails horrible in practice, due to the human factor.

  10. Mike commented on Bloom County 2015 about 1 month ago

    Might be time for a strong independent.