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  1. drac commented on Bloom County 4 days ago

    Blinded by the sweater

  2. drac commented on The Other Coast 12 days ago

    A recent study in NZ allowed children to be children again, they discovered that while it look like absolute chaos the kids really enjoyed it.
    They also discovered the kids where more interested in school work, and they didn’t need timeout rooms.

  3. drac commented on Bloom County 26 days ago

    Funny thing Bruno is that our press loves to get shots of our voted reps sleeping during sessions.

  4. drac commented on Get Fuzzy 27 days ago

    Rugby at it’s heart is a very simple game, get the ball over the line at the opposite end of the pitch, then theres a few rules on how you can do this and how you can stop the other team from doing this.

  5. drac commented on The Other Coast 4 months ago

    Yup I look out side and it’s raining, so much for summer.

  6. drac commented on Buni 5 months ago

    With that stubble it’s a dude.

  7. drac commented on Bloom County 6 months ago

    Look at history and you’ll see what happens when the gap becomes to wide and the percentage of those on the bottom to large.

  8. drac commented on Zachary Nixon Johnson 6 months ago

    There back on earth so no blocks thus HARV full body.

  9. drac commented on Over the Hedge 7 months ago

    The issue with Soy is the way we in the western world have used it, if you are eating it in a more traditional Asian style then you are fine.

  10. drac commented on Buni 8 months ago

    mr_sherman: I was thinking that as well, especially the last little piggy.