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  1. hjkl; commented on Betty 17 days ago

    Amen from this corner as well.

  2. hjkl; commented on Betty 2 months ago

    Here he lies buried
    like a root stock potata
    The last dog who pooped
    in our elevata.

  3. hjkl; commented on Reality Check 3 months ago

    Estella funny strip, though.

  4. hjkl; commented on Rubes 3 months ago


  5. hjkl; commented on Reality Check 4 months ago

    You will only get a huge cold sore on your lip on the day of your wedding, or your son or daughter’s wedding.

  6. hjkl; commented on Luann 4 months ago

    Follies is misspelled, but it’s a joke. “Folles” in French means “crazy!”

  7. hjkl; commented on Betty 4 months ago

    Heyyyy – that’s what I do at the old ballgame: Kill a brew!

  8. hjkl; commented on Betty 4 months ago

    I wish I had stopped reading before I got to the third frame. When my husband says something like the second frame, I stop the conversation and go hug & kiss him.

  9. hjkl; commented on Reality Check 8 months ago

    Must be tax time in the US.

  10. hjkl; commented on Garfield 9 months ago

    Foster’s Freeze! I remember that place fondly from my youth and I’m glad to hear they’re still in operation. Tell me they haven’t changed over to oil-based “dairy” treats like those other chains.