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  1. hjkl; commented on Betty 26 days ago

    Now that’s funny!

    I had a friend, briefly, who saved 70% of his income by mooching off his friends.

  2. hjkl; commented on Betty about 1 month ago

    I think it looks like a fun kissing adventure.

  3. hjkl; commented on Betty 2 months ago

    Hey, Canadienne. There’s no such thing as a Pacific Coast Trail, although there are trails all along the Pacific from Mexico to Canada. I think you meant the Pacific Crest Trail, and that’s too overcrowded now.

  4. hjkl; commented on Calvin and Hobbes 2 months ago

    I don’t know why I always thought T. Hobbes and J. Calvin knew each other. Calvin died long before Hobbes was born! So thanks for the link, Hobbes. I forgot also that Calvin was French, not Swiss. Old brain forgets facts and fills in with assumptions. Dangerous during elections.

  5. hjkl; commented on Betty 3 months ago

    Hilarious. And really, really sad.

    Eggplant is my favorite pizza topping! Serious!

  6. hjkl; commented on Speed Bump 3 months ago

    She does look great, but what’s that seam above her forehead?

  7. hjkl; commented on Calvin and Hobbes 4 months ago

    Packratjohn… It’s a catastrophe!

  8. hjkl; commented on Calvin and Hobbes 5 months ago

    “The metric system is a featureless landscape, everything is powers of 10. It is too easy for people to drop a power of 10 or 1000. Powers of 10 are so Roman.
    The English system is multicultural, with Saxon base 12 multiples (dozen, gross), base 16, base 20 (score), etc.
    An encoding vector for English length units might be 12,3,1760 vs 10,100,1000”

    Funniest argument yet. You win.

  9. hjkl; commented on Luann 5 months ago

    Yeah! I like the direction this is heading! Especially loved Saturday’s strip, though.

  10. hjkl; commented on Reality Check 6 months ago

    My take is this: We are so lucky that the entire world is standardizing on a language we already speak that I am not complaining when grammar slips. I’d rather chat with people from Myanmar and Estonia than worry about misplaced modifiers and split infinitives.

    Who IS Noone, anyway? And why does she like grammar nazis?