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  1. janinabarnes commented on Cathy 5 days ago

    Lucky you. I prefer dental work to shopping for clothing, but I can’t get away with just grabbing something without trying it on. Last time, I tried on 20 pairs of pants before I found a single pair that I could pull on over my rear but wasn’t so loose in the waist that it would fall off without a belt. It didn’t fit well, but I bought it.

  2. janinabarnes commented on Rose is Rose 10 days ago

    The ones who live within driving distance of a tropical location (such as Florida).

  3. janinabarnes commented on Candorville 13 days ago

    I agree that people who are more highly mobile should not purchase a home. However, if you buy a house, then when you have paid it off, you have somewhere to live and no longer have a monthly rent bill. You do have home maintenance costs and taxes. We are paying off our mortgage early, and the savings will be enough to put our kids through college. When we can no longer stay in our current home, that $300,000 dollars will come in handy to pay for a new place plus some additional savings. So, tell me again how home-ownership is a poor investment?

  4. janinabarnes commented on Frazz 14 days ago

    When I went to Epcot last year, the trinket stand for Japan contained merchandise from Japan. The labels were in Japanese, so I can’t tell you where everything was manufactured. My husband used to live in Japan, and he definitely recognized the snack items we bought.

  5. janinabarnes commented on Frazz 21 days ago

    Children of abusive parents often have abusive spouses or girlfriends/boyfriends. It’s well-documented. You really must start reading up on psychology.

  6. janinabarnes commented on Working Daze 26 days ago

    Bizarrely enough, I actually got a job through Linked In once.

  7. janinabarnes commented on Frazz about 1 month ago

    No, bees are still having some serious issues: http://time.com/3821467/bees-honeybees-environment/

  8. janinabarnes commented on Baldo about 1 month ago

    Given that same sex marriage is legal throughout the US, I think you are at least a decade late to add to that discussion. Incidentally, there are plenty of studies regarding gender attraction, if you genuinely want to learn something regarding the subject rather than relying so heavily on stereotypes.

  9. janinabarnes commented on Cathy about 1 month ago

    Most of the gals I hang out with pack fairly practically. Layers for different weather are needed, but that’s about it. It becomes challenging if for some reason you are going to a “dressy” destination, such as a cruise ship or a re-union. Women’s clothes for dressy occasions have a hugely wide range of styles in terms of what is expected for different settings. For those women who are into such things, most of the “fun” clothes in their wardrobe don’t fit with workaday life – they are reserved for special occasions. For the rest of us, the rules and expectations are maddening. I skipped my 10th high school reunion because the invite specified a cocktail dress and I didn’t own one, and didn’t want to purchase one just for that event.

  10. janinabarnes commented on Non Sequitur about 1 month ago

    I don’t care which end of the political waste stream someone spews, but there actually are people who vigorously defend certain types of pollution. For instance, when I lived in a town with several slaughterhouses, there was a proposal to re-locate the smelliest one outside town to a place with better drainage. The stink was literally making some people sick, and was keeping both people and businesses from moving to the town. The issue was easily voted down with the slogan “It’s the smell of money.”