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Bloom County

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  1. Tirasmol commented on Bo Nanas about 12 hours ago

    I could use a pool right about now.

  2. Tirasmol commented on Aunty Acid about 12 hours ago

    There is no wrong time to eat pasta.

  3. Tirasmol commented on Lio 4 days ago

    Where’s the panel showing the two hours of tossing and turning while you rehash the stupid thing you said 10 years ago?

  4. Tirasmol commented on Brevity 4 days ago

    That entire movie is gold. (Excuse me, may I go to the bathroom?)

  5. Tirasmol commented on Bloom County 2016 4 days ago

    He wasn’t. The script was terrible and the whole movie was painful to watch but it wasn’t his doing.

  6. Tirasmol commented on Aunty Acid 5 days ago

    What if no one does?

  7. Tirasmol commented on Speed Bump 6 days ago

    Well, “online” wasn’t a thing for the first thirty years of my life, so that has to count for something.

  8. Tirasmol commented on Rabbits Against Magic 6 days ago

    This reminds me of the time my mother tried to toss a cig out the car window. It hit the edge, flipped back inside, landed in the back, then rolled under her seat. She had to pull over and dig around to find it before she set the car on fire. Meanwhile, I’m in the passenger seat laughing my butt off and saying, “this is why I don’t smoke.”

  9. Tirasmol commented on FoxTrot 6 days ago

    I actually wouldn’t care if my son wanted double mohawks and the words I love homework shaved into the back of his head. The irony is, he’d never go for it.

  10. Tirasmol commented on Cornered 6 days ago

    But that defeats the entire purpose of standing there with the door open for five minutes while you realize that yes, there are ingredients to make something but no actual food in the house.