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  1. JaneMcLernon commented on B.C. almost 3 years ago

    Americans are so cute and ignorant. Russia is the largest country on EARTH. Alaska is close (relatively) to the northwest corner. Sochi is in the southeast. DUH! Unless Sarah has relocated to the country of Georgia or is in Romania looking across the Black Sea, she isn’t seeing much.

  2. JaneMcLernon commented on Frazz over 3 years ago

    True that.

  3. JaneMcLernon commented on Pearls Before Swine almost 4 years ago

    He forgot smoke signals and renting a plane to sky-write it.

  4. JaneMcLernon commented on Get Fuzzy about 4 years ago

    Hey Bucky, Call yourself a Republican and see how that works.