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  1. SukieCrandall commented on Luann 20 minutes ago

    What’s the “why”. Is it an everyday one, or something less typical but large?

  2. SukieCrandall commented on Luann about 1 hour ago

    Spoiler question: second panel: What’s the why?

  3. SukieCrandall commented on Luann about 6 hours ago

    Dog, LOL! Fine reply.

    BTW, if you missed it i left you a dog link today, a genetic study on a deletion that appears to explain extra appetite in two breeds.

  4. SukieCrandall commented on Luann about 7 hours ago

    It is even an easy error from a miss-strike. E and A are not that far apart, and the e version of the word gets used day to day in the U.S. Still, i think people, including me, will try a bit harder. Certainly Al GrAy gets an A today for bringing Les into line!

  5. SukieCrandall commented on Luann about 13 hours ago

    . (In fact, I think I recall Mr. Gray mentioning something about his “sister’s boy” at some point, but don’t have time to review the strip right now and confirm or disprove that

    - -
    That is also my recollection. Glad i am not alone.

  6. SukieCrandall commented on Luann about 13 hours ago

    in his warped mind, not being allowed to do what he wants, right or wrong, is being ’bullied".
    Reminds me of similar expressions here by a past commenter.

    Oh, gosh. You thought that, too? It was one of the first things that came to mind, but i did not dare to say it.

    I think Les has not been held accountable enough times in his life and his excuses and reconstructions about not getting his own way have been given a pass way too often while growing up. It is certainly another way for a family to be having a rough time, and it presents more malleability than some other options for his behavior could. I guess we will see over time.

  7. SukieCrandall commented on Luann about 13 hours ago

    There are bad apples in every family.

    - -
    Yes, yes, yes!
    Also, i am not wild about how some seem to perhaps be automatically thinking Italian and gangster together. Were there gangsters involved in businesses in Vegas, especially at the start of build-up? Sure, but not all
    businesses, not all casinos, and certainly not all Italians.

  8. SukieCrandall commented on Luann about 13 hours ago

    Well, if you want Al associated w the color grey now, Brd, there is Aluminum for which Al is the symbol, but that woukd take some pretty sadistic parents to name a kid that.

  9. SukieCrandall commented on Luann about 14 hours ago

    One of the most essential people for keeping me safe when i was in that rough home life had the name Alphonse. It has kind memories for me. It does not flow as well with the last name as an earlier suggestion made here, but for me it has caring connections.

  10. SukieCrandall commented on Luann about 14 hours ago

    Marvel, If memory serves, Al Grey referred to Les’s mother as his sister. The impression was that the father either died, or left, or was dropped (perhaps for good reason). Also if memory serves about that same time Mr. Grey said that he had concentrated on his career to the exclusion of family, that he wanted to make up for that, and that they had been though a tough time. My hope is that he is doing this solely because he realizes it matters rather than also having a trigger like a life-threatening health problem. I can not recall if those comments were in conversation w the Degroots or with the Berger clan.