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  1. ConRac commented on Speed Bump 10 days ago

    One way to thin the cell phone addicted herd.

  2. ConRac commented on The Academia Waltz 10 days ago

    We can all use one of those!

  3. ConRac commented on Herman 19 days ago

    Now they’re the missing links.

  4. ConRac commented on Fred Basset 24 days ago

    Might be a boy, though. Could be Freda Staire.

  5. ConRac commented on Calvin and Hobbes 24 days ago

    I believe that’s the year Concordians first became snobs, much like their neighbors in Lincoln, Lexington and Carlisle?

  6. ConRac commented on Birdbrains about 1 month ago

    She fell for it…hook, line and sinker.

  7. ConRac commented on The Academia Waltz about 1 month ago

    Is there truly sex after marriage?

  8. ConRac commented on Richard's Poor Almanac about 1 month ago

    I wonder if Bob Dingnagain is from Dingburg?

  9. ConRac commented on The Boondocks about 1 month ago

    No new ones, these are old strips, I’m afraid.
    But it’s great to reread them and in some cases fill in the blanks due to many newspapers refusing to run some of them back in the day due to the risqué nature.
    Hard to believe.

  10. ConRac commented on The Academia Waltz about 1 month ago

    I’m sending this one to Tom Brady, maybe he can use it Sunday!