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  1. SkyFisher commented on Off the Mark about 1 hour ago

    Uh, Mercury does not have a ring.

  2. SkyFisher commented on Famous and Not-So-Famous Quotes 3 days ago

    BTW: As an engineer, I can follow the logic of grammar, but spelling always screws me up. Spellcheck is my friend.

    Incidentaly, I misspeled “grammer” untill the littel skwigley read lighn showd up underneeth.

  3. SkyFisher commented on Famous and Not-So-Famous Quotes 3 days ago

    Ewe may have herd “ghoti” = “fish”
    John Scalzi had a cat named: “Glaghghee” (pronounced as “Fluffy”)

    Remember: i before e except after c and words that just choose to ignore that rule. Weird!

  4. SkyFisher commented on The Daily Drawing 3 days ago

    Poor What!
    Interesting tidbit. Peter Capaldi, the 12th Doctor, actually had a tiny role in a movie years ago as a doctor from the World Health Organization. He was credited as “WHO Doctor”.

  5. SkyFisher commented on Brevity 3 days ago

    COOL! As a human, I’m adaptive, too.
    (I’m also adopted.)

  6. SkyFisher commented on Pearls Before Swine 3 days ago

    The Name of the Addressee is not as important as the address itself.

  7. SkyFisher commented on Frazz 3 days ago

    I’d imagine losing million$ of dollar$ of aircraft might crimp your career a little.

  8. SkyFisher commented on Rip Haywire 3 days ago

    Will, Rip, red hair attracts attention.

  9. SkyFisher commented on Famous and Not-So-Famous Quotes 4 days ago

    I advise you to check a dictionary for the difference between “advice” and “advise”.
    Spellcheck does not correct usage errors.

    (Full disclosure: I, myself, had to spellcheck “advise”…tried to type it as “advize”.)

  10. SkyFisher commented on Bloom County 2016 4 days ago

    A vegetarian schnauzer whale?