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  1. LucindaWyman_1 commented on Red and Rover about 1 month ago

    I had two favorite stories from my mother; one was about the Hurricane of ‘38 and the other was about Pearl Harbor. The family had gone to Mass and she and her mother were walking to a friend’s house when someone threw open an upstairs window and called the news down to them. Later in the afternoon, they all got together and went to church—not for a service, just to pray. I can almost see it; the older church, the dark wood pews, the scent of hot wax and incense, the flickering candles, people softly crying…

  2. LucindaWyman_1 commented on Arlo and Janis 4 months ago

    Hubby and I do this all the time.

  3. LucindaWyman_1 commented on Ziggy 5 months ago

    I was watching TURN ON that first night (it was awful) and remember the news reports of how some stations pulled it halfway through. It was gone next week. Jackie Gleason had a series that got pulled after the first ep,didn’t he? A game show thing, YOU’RE IN THE PICTURE?

  4. LucindaWyman_1 commented on Raising Duncan 5 months ago

    Isn’t this “the grabby thing” at everyone’s house?

  5. LucindaWyman_1 commented on Stone Soup 5 months ago

    I prefer cool October evenings, thanks.

  6. LucindaWyman_1 commented on FoxTrot Classics 7 months ago

    Paige, if you’re bored, I’m sure your mother can find you something to do.

  7. LucindaWyman_1 commented on For Better or For Worse 7 months ago

    You see, I was like that, too. I DIDN’T want to grow up. I saw my dad and then later my mom go to factory jobs they didn’t like, that tired them out. Of course Mom cooked dinner and washed dishes, too. Then on the weekend mom washed and ironed and and dad cut and trimmed the lawn, and when it snowed he shoveled. He also changed his own oil and spark plugs, and she did the grocery shopping and made all the doctors’ appointments. I didn’t envy either of them, and I knew when I did my chores (dusting, dustmopping, wiping the dishes, setting the table, and later doing my own ironing and even having to take my turn at cutting the lawn and shoveling snow) that as an adult I’d have that and MORE. I always looked at the kids at school who were moaning about how they couldn’t wait to grow up and just thought “You stupid fools!”

  8. LucindaWyman_1 commented on Lio 7 months ago

    My god, it is Alix’s wading pool.

  9. LucindaWyman_1 commented on Stone Soup 7 months ago

    You never ever told my mother you were bored. She would find something for you to do besides the regular daily chores of making the bed, dusting your room, dustmopping the room, wiping the dishes, and setting the table. When I got to be 12 I had to iron my clothes, too, and cut the grass once a week. Still, anything was better than when I turned 16 and had to go to work during the summer.

  10. LucindaWyman_1 commented on Lio 7 months ago

    Is this a version of the pool Alix has in “Stone Soup”?