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  1. Tysoriginals commented on Pat Oliphant almost 3 years ago


  2. Tysoriginals commented on Jeff Danziger almost 3 years ago

    WOW! Sexist much! How creepy….I can’t believe what I just read…..it’s like a comic from a 1960’s Playboy. Somebody needs to do a welfare check on this guy, is he OK? Stroke? Tumor?

  3. Tysoriginals commented on Michael Ramirez almost 3 years ago

    Ramirez is such a drama queen….what a Cassandra. Aren’t you people even a little embarrassed when the sky doesn’t fall for about the thousandth time….

  4. Tysoriginals commented on Steve Breen over 3 years ago


  5. Tysoriginals commented on Pearls Before Swine over 3 years ago

    YES! GO STEVE! Thanks I needed this today ;-)

  6. Tysoriginals commented on Michael Ramirez over 3 years ago

    You should work for Fox mike, you already take everything out of context to server your own selfish means….may as well cash in on it huh?

  7. Tysoriginals commented on Bloom County over 3 years ago

    Can you say hoarder….I knew you could.

  8. Tysoriginals commented on Michael Ramirez over 3 years ago

    The sinkhole was that we have had a failed system to date….obama is finally filling it…silly mikey, stop it, you’re embarrassing yourself.

  9. Tysoriginals commented on Get Fuzzy almost 5 years ago

    The &$###!!!! Vogons are coming AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

  10. Tysoriginals commented on Tom Toles almost 5 years ago

    thanks doug…..you beat me to it ;-)