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  1. Mabster commented on Pearls Before Swine 2 months ago

    You’re not going to find Murphy’s stout in Dublin. Beamish, on the other hand is as good or better than Guinness.

    There’s a brewpub on Parliament Street (south side of the bridge) that has 4 – 5 stouts on tap, and all of their own making.

  2. Mabster commented on Dilbert Classics 4 months ago

    Lawn mower repair? Dude has no head!

  3. Mabster commented on Get Fuzzy 5 months ago

    A man walks up to a 7-11 store and sees the owner locking up.
    “What gives?” he asks. “Your sign says ‘open 24 hours’!”
    The owner shrugs and says, “Not in a row…”

  4. Mabster commented on Betty 6 months ago

    Ain’t the internet wonderful?

    QUOTE (wikipedia):
    Creators Gary Delainey and Gerry Rasmussen first collaborated on the comic strip “Bub Slug” in 1976. The character of Betty appeared in the strip, but was not seen regularly until 1985, when the Edmonton Journal began running a full-page weekly comic version of “Bub Slug.” “Betty” became a stand-alone strip in 1991.

  5. Mabster commented on Betty 6 months ago

    I know that because I was a reader of “Bub Slug” when he was a comic feature, before Betty, in the late ’70s.

  6. Mabster commented on Betty 6 months ago

    Actually his name is “Bub”, not Bud.

    His full name is “Bub Slug”, although I don’t think that has ever been revealed here officially…

  7. Mabster commented on Gentle Creatures 12 months ago

    Never bug a bug who owns a taser.

  8. Mabster commented on Sweet and Sour Pork over 1 year ago

    And does the pizza come with a bottle of Coke, or is it Pepsi?

  9. Mabster commented on Betty over 1 year ago

    Absolutely Canadian. He even played hockey with the Edmonton Oilers. That’s why Jr. has that T-shirt.

  10. Mabster commented on Invisible Bread over 1 year ago