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  1. Mabster commented on Gentle Creatures 3 months ago

    Never bug a bug who owns a taser.

  2. Mabster commented on Sweet and Sour Pork 8 months ago

    And does the pizza come with a bottle of Coke, or is it Pepsi?

  3. Mabster commented on Betty 10 months ago

    Absolutely Canadian. He even played hockey with the Edmonton Oilers. That’s why Jr. has that T-shirt.

  4. Mabster commented on Invisible Bread 10 months ago


  5. Mabster commented on Invisible Bread 11 months ago

    Heh! Twilight!

  6. Mabster commented on Betty 11 months ago

    Bub’s a simple man with simple wants and needs.
    Not what you’d expect from a guy who scored a goal off of Gretzky’s butt, back in the heyday of the Oilers.
    Way back before he even met Betty…

  7. Mabster commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria over 1 year ago

    Excellent strip today, Pab!

  8. Mabster commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria almost 2 years ago

    Shouldn’t that be “odour”?

  9. Mabster commented on Monty almost 2 years ago

    The licence plate on the bumper car is “1%”.

  10. Mabster commented on Big Nate almost 3 years ago

    Whoa! Get a grip people. This is a comic strip. You’re supposed to dislike Mrs. Godfrey. Oh, and Nate is also ink on paper, not a real person…