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  1. eherman1962 commented on For Better or For Worse over 3 years ago

    Please let us not turn the comments into an excuse to post rants about media or guns or brainwashing. There are plenty of other locations to set up your soap box – please don’t do it here. Some of us actually still use comics as an ESCAPE from things like that.

  2. eherman1962 commented on Luann almost 4 years ago

    I thought that box was for her…

  3. eherman1962 commented on Luann about 5 years ago

    It does seem a bit contrived, but people DO move. So it is a reasonable ending to the story line.

    Toni’s threat had no real impact on the decision, but it gave her the opportunity to make amends for causing Brad to lose his other job, and to think more seriously about marrying him.

  4. eherman1962 commented on Luann about 5 years ago

    Sometimes jobs can become “available” by shifting funds here or there. As Wiselad said, maybe somebody is going to retire, so they will be able to hire Brad back.

    Or maybe there have been negotiations with the city to fund some of the lost positions — it does happen occasionally, even in tough times. It wouldn’t make the strip, since it was behind-the-scenes. But it is plausible.