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  1. PaulID commented on Betty 25 days ago

    Bluetooth voice to text don’t even need an app.

  2. PaulID commented on Over the Hedge 3 months ago

    If the Koch brothers spent every penny they had it would not even be 1% of what the western governments of the world have spent promoting the silly Idea that Co2 is dangerously high lets see we are at roughly 400 PPMV plants start shutting down at 175-200 PPMV there have been glacial periods where Co2 was near 1200 PPMV this inter-glacial period has been the coolest of the last 4 inter-glacial periods we are still in an ice age and until all the ice goes away from the poles we will be in an ice age the earth has had ice free periods and ice ages the tiny fragment of history that we have shows that humans thrive and civilization expands and improves in warmer times, the Greeks and Romans came into their own in a period much warmer than we are in now

  3. PaulID commented on Frazz 5 months ago

    so you are saying it would have been “moral” for us to not do anything about Hitler and his allies?

  4. PaulID commented on Henry Payne 7 months ago

    cue the climate change acolytes quoting the high priests of DOOOOOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. PaulID commented on Henry Payne 7 months ago

    Lets look at the real science here our atmosphere is a wet atmosphere so Co2 is going to have a logarithmic function on temp not a linear lets say for the sake of argument that every last bit of the warming observed over the last century is man made something even the most rabid warmist “scientists” won’t claim because even they say that there was not enough human cause Co2 being produced until the early 50’s to affect any temps but lets say it was again for arguments sake a logarithmic function means that in order to get the same 1 degree centigrade that was observed in the last century we would need 1 roughly 10 times the amount of Co2 that caused the last 1 degree in this case in order to get 1 degree centigrade we would need 10 times the 150 ppm by volume or 1500 ppm by volume to get to the same level of 1 degree centigrade in this century but since the first 16 years of this century saw no warming whatsoever according to the RSS and UAH satellite feeds arguably the most accurate method of measuring temps and they have only just now thanks to the largest El Nino in 18 years warmed a tiny bit and when the corresponding La Nina happens that will go back down.

  6. PaulID commented on Henry Payne 7 months ago

    first off the number is 97% and that is badly done as Dr. Richard Tol explains here http://richardtol.blogspot.co.uk/2015/03/now-almost-two-years-old-john-cooks-97.html

  7. PaulID commented on Henry Payne 8 months ago

    yes and every single one of them a democratic supporter because democrats are the party of government regulation which does no harm at all to big multi-nationals but kills off their possible competition before it even starts.

  8. PaulID commented on Henry Payne 9 months ago

    that is what you get for listening to MSNBC for all your news is it pleasant to be completely misinformed and ideologically blind?

  9. PaulID commented on Working Daze 10 months ago

    it is no different than any other form of socialism they all require economic illiteracy to believe in them and an unattainable level of human altruism to work the only place any form of socialism works is on paper once in the real world human nature destroys intentions. not that I believe you will do anything that might threaten Night-Gaunt49’s world view but @Thomas Scott Roberts might be interested
    there are multiple links at the bottom of the story here follow them and you might learn something you didn’t know the preceding sentence was not directed at Thomas but to Night-Gaunt49 https://chiefio.wordpress.com/2011/12/28/marx-progressives-socialism-and-agenda-21/

  10. PaulID commented on Henry Payne 10 months ago

    your name fits the difference between a Democrat and a socialist is NIL, the difference between them and a communist is who is allowed into the proletariat; socialists will allow certain shopkeepers and some professions into the proletariat while the communist won’t; now the difference between a Fascist and a socialist is also nil because Fascists are socialist do a little research and read their own words look up the governmental policies you will find that they mesh right in with the progressive left in the U.S. today or don’t do any due diligence and accept what others tell you the choice is yours remain ignorant or shake your belief system to the core