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  1. GuardianM3 commented on The Born Loser 2 months ago

    I have one better. A friend of mine played the lottery and chose the same numbers every time. Those numbers came up and he would’ve won the jackpot if the person printing the ticket had actually put his numbers on the ticket and hadn’t printed off a random ticket. Wasn’t meant to be, I guess.

  2. GuardianM3 commented on Aunty Acid 3 months ago

    I love it when Gibbs slaps them on the back of the head and the thing is, it gets results!

  3. GuardianM3 commented on Reality Check 7 months ago

    It has “Shut Up! I Hate Mornings” twice. So, that is when you fill it up for the next cup and begin again.

  4. GuardianM3 commented on Gray Matters 10 months ago

    I am starting a tradition with my nieces and nephews where I buy them an ornament for every Christmas. When they are old enough, (since they are all 3 and under), I am going to have them make his or her own ornament box to hold them. When they move out, they will have ornaments for his or her first tree.

  5. GuardianM3 commented on Frazz about 2 years ago

    I always see bicyclists not following the rules of the road. I’ve seen them riding side by side on a road that doesn’t have a bike path or even a shoulder, and when vehicles were coming towards them, did the go single file? No! I do see a lot of cars making it unsafe for bicyclists. Vehicles pass a bicyclists who is one their side of the road expecting me who is on the other side of the road to move over when I can’t, luckily I watch out for bicyclists so I wait for the idiot to pass the bicyclist to the bicyclist doesn’t get knocked over into a ditch. I always make sure I can pass a bicyclist safely. I love it when a bicyclist wears reflective clothing and has lights on his or her bike. It makes it so much easier to spot him or her. It goes either way for drivers and cyclists. It does bother me though when a town had actually made the sidewalk into a joint sidewalk/bike path narrowing the road in a busy town so an emergency vehicle has a hard time getting through and the bicyclist in on the road! Sorry, had to vent.

  6. GuardianM3 commented on Real Life Adventures about 2 years ago

    I work in retail. You wouldn’t believe what some people do.

  7. GuardianM3 commented on Barkeater Lake over 2 years ago

    Love the name of the bookstore!

  8. GuardianM3 commented on Dog Eat Doug over 2 years ago

    My black cat is named Sable because she has black fur. The white cat, who is also deaf (born that way) is Poufy or Puffy but it doesn’t matter since she doesn’t hear us calling. Then there is the three legged cat called Tres (3 in Spanish). I do call the three legged cat Squeaker cause she makes a squeak-like noise when she wants to be fed. That’s about it.

  9. GuardianM3 commented on CowTown almost 3 years ago

    I’ve seen Christmas stuff since early August. I just can’t believe that they have Christmas candy already!

  10. GuardianM3 commented on Heart of the City almost 3 years ago

    That is hilarious.