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  1. cuthwald commented on Chan Lowe 12 months ago

    it’s the right idea let’s find out what mistakes in immigration contributed to the Boston bombings so that we can debate it

  2. cuthwald commented on Nick Anderson 12 months ago

    so when are they going to outlaw cars the kill more people than guns do?

  3. cuthwald commented on Nick Anderson about 1 year ago

    hey lib’s i tried an experiment i laid a loaded gun on a table and placed people around it and surprisingly it did not jump up and shoot any one how weird i thought with all the anti gun hype that the guns were killing people

  4. cuthwald commented on Nick Anderson over 1 year ago

    when harry reid refuses to put anything the house sends him up for a vote who is not working for whom

  5. cuthwald commented on Chan Lowe over 1 year ago

    still would be better than having 150% voter turnout

  6. cuthwald commented on Lisa Benson over 1 year ago

    the storm happened over a month later and they reported on it fast didn’t they but after all that time they probably wanted some thing to happen so that they didn’t have to report the one’s failure.

  7. cuthwald commented on John Deering over 1 year ago

    talking about memory does anyone remember the police dept. that acted stupidly obama is only out for himself and his cronies the rest of you can jump in a lake but give us your money first.

  8. cuthwald commented on Nick Anderson over 1 year ago

    wow you must have really had to run away from all of the riots for the piss christ thing oh wait there wasn’t any

  9. cuthwald commented on Matt Wuerker over 1 year ago

    wasn’t scott brown elected to stop obama care from passing and then the dems used a trick to deem it passed.

  10. cuthwald commented on Drew Sheneman over 1 year ago

    odon, don’t you know that the ER cannot turn anyone away no matter if they have insurance or not and that was before OBAMACARE. so now we tax payers are paying more for less just like everything else government does