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  1. gallar commented on Bloom County 2015 5 days ago

    “You know that dream when you’re walking down the street naked and everyone is looking at you?”
    “I love that dream.”

  2. gallar commented on Bloom County 2 months ago

    not even for women tennis players!

  3. gallar commented on Pearls Before Swine 3 months ago

    Kindle I had never really ‘got’ me so while I had it my reading diet was a mixture – and I really did prefer the hard copy versions. Been without a working Kindle now for eighteen months and will continue to be fine as long as my hardback and paperback books don’t learn how to lock themselves into some sort of boot loop like the electronic orgasm-gizmo did….

    I read the hoots of the techno-enthusiasts with something of a cynical smile, secure in the knowledge that their descendants are unlikely to enjoy leafing through shoe boxes stuffed with old photos seeing as since the advent of the wonderful digital cameras almost none of the pictures get printed. Digital photos are wonderful until the medium changes, or a restore fails because you discover your back up is corrupt (for the rare individuals who do actually back up all their holiday snaps) or some low life pinches the laptop with the last copies of the Afghan photos on etc etc. Not sure what the e-books equivalent is, but I do know that I often read (hard copy) books I have owned for half a century in among the more recent ones and suspect that will not be the case or even an option for those eager ‘ban the hard copy’ enthusiasts.

    Before it went into boot loop heck, my kindle was used as much as a particularly cumbersome MP3 player as it was an e-reader.

    Still, be a miserable world if we all liked things exactly the same. Sort of like the Isle of Wight…. Chacun à son gout.

  4. gallar commented on Bloom County 6 months ago

    Iggy Pop’s original instrument was in fact the tuba, at which his playing was sufficiently sensuously virtuoso as to make women swoon, and such that he was granted an exhibition by his musical alma mater the Ypsilanti Conservatory of Music.


  5. gallar commented on Get Fuzzy 10 months ago

    A cow and a Republican walked into an airport bathroom and the Republican said, “Why, Cheri! Long time no see. Tony OK?…”

  6. gallar commented on Get Fuzzy 12 months ago

    “a bit confused with his lines”?

    he’s had eight flippin’ years to learn ’em…..!

  7. gallar commented on Pearls Before Swine about 1 year ago

    I lamented that my remote’s batteries would fall out, until I met a man who changed his channels by hand.
    (Sherlock Watson)

    I lamented changing channels by hand until I met a man who had no TV.

    I lamented having no TV until I met a man who had no head!

  8. gallar commented on Get Fuzzy about 1 year ago

    Correct collective noun ought to be a stew of rabbits. Ideally involving shallots, red wine, celeriac, mushrooms….

  9. gallar commented on Pearls Before Swine about 1 year ago

    In many cases the ‘wrong’ yankee spelling is more true to the spelling from England three hundred or more years ago. Quite a few of the odd British spellings (favour, color, humour for example) only stem from Victorian days when the spelling was formalised in what they felt was a more ‘refined’ way.

    Also in many cases it was only in the same Victorian days that ‘rude’ word in English actually became ‘rude’!

    As to English weather -we have that in lieu of climate, and for English cuisine our bread is the best in the world if you make sure of staying a good bargepole distance clear of the Chorleywood process rubbish!

  10. gallar commented on Bloom County about 1 year ago

    I understand they also had to consider making the line “…where you drink sparkling white wine from a particular region of France that starts with the letters C-h, and it tastes just like cherry cola. C-O-L-A cola” so as not to allow product placement of the said (or unsaid?) sparkling fizz…..