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  1. sixcues commented on The Born Loser 18 days ago

    Do that for real and you get among other things – run over, honked at, the finger, etc… not to mention that it is illegal to go that slow in a 60 mph zone unless you are on the shoulder with your flashers going!!

  2. sixcues commented on Andy Capp 3 months ago

    I remember Norm on Cheers having a job something like that for a couple of episodes!!

  3. sixcues commented on The Born Loser 6 months ago

    Well, there used to be a Five & Dime Store called Woolworth’s & there was also Perry Bros.

  4. sixcues commented on The Born Loser 6 months ago

    Too True!! LOL

  5. sixcues commented on Rose is Rose 8 months ago

    Vicki should have her own strip!!

  6. sixcues commented on Marmaduke 8 months ago

    Bad Dream or Nightmare, uh, isn’t that kind of the same thing!
    Looks more like a Good Dream where’s he’s chasing something the way he’s kicking his legs.

  7. sixcues commented on The Born Loser over 1 year ago

    Only thing missing is “& it’s On Sale” !!

  8. sixcues commented on Marmaduke over 1 year ago

    Oh Good, I’m not the only one seeing this, thought I’d had a stroke there for a minute.

  9. sixcues commented on Andy Capp over 1 year ago

    OK, they lost me at “Andy had a Big Win on the Horses” that just doesn’t ever happen!!!

  10. sixcues commented on Andy Capp over 1 year ago

    This would fit right in with a Mrs. Brown’s Boys episode. I had been watching some of it on UTube & on a site called ‘NonStopShows’, well yesterday the site pulled it, saying “This video has been removed due to a breach of the terms of use”!! Uh, excuse me, but each episode has 7 or 8,000 views, if something was wrong I think they should have caught on a bit sooner, don’t you think. My first thought was the language in the show but that would have gotten them booted after just a few hundred views. I’m thinking they noticed that someone was watching and thought Ah-Ha we can pull this and make it Pay per View somewhere and make some more Money off of it, but that’s not gonna happen with me, it’s funny but I won’t pay to see it, not that good.