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  1. W Ash commented on The Other End 15 days ago

    You’re not alone in those thoughts.

  2. W Ash commented on Betty about 1 month ago

    Nicely done!

  3. W Ash commented on Home and Away about 1 month ago

    Ah…the man with no shoes meets the man (woman) with no feet.

  4. W Ash commented on Cul de Sac 2 months ago

    Sorry to hear of his passing, but he left a legacy of humor behind that continues to delight us. RIP.

  5. W Ash commented on Candorville 3 months ago

    Having lived through the yesterday, I prefer today and the hope of the tomorrows.

  6. W Ash commented on Candorville 3 months ago

    Been there – done that…

  7. W Ash commented on Nancy 5 months ago

    Must be my team, the 2016 Braves, who will be eliminated from the play-offs by the middle of next month. I love the Braves, but no woman has ever tested my patience the way this team has.

  8. W Ash commented on Sarah's Scribbles 6 months ago

    This! This is so true…

  9. W Ash commented on Nest Heads 6 months ago

    Boy, is this true. Now they say words on broadcast TV that my mom would have killed me for saying out loud. I’m no prude, but the quality of a TV program is rarely improved by coarsing the language.

  10. W Ash commented on Diamond Lil 7 months ago

    Wonder if she sells insurance…