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  1. Ted Wade commented on Non Sequitur 13 days ago

    Good chasms make good neighbors.

  2. Ted Wade commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn 23 days ago

    Always leave little parts of yourself behind. Unless you’re committing a felony, then the crime lab can trace it back to you.

  3. Ted Wade commented on Scary Gary 28 days ago

    You must be new here, allow me to fill you in. Leopold is not really a demon but a mutant born of genetic manipulation. His parents are depicted by cut and paste (apologies to Mr. Buford if I am wrong) hyper detailed drawings of 1950’s ideal white middle class parents. And they speak as such with occasional super science thrown in.

    Leopold, naturally, despises them.

  4. Ted Wade commented on Scary Gary 2 months ago

    Gary’s first line should have ended with, “this time”

  5. Ted Wade commented on Buni 3 months ago

    An answer to the question, “What fresh Hell is this?”

  6. Ted Wade commented on Over the Hedge 4 months ago

    To say, “Han shot first” implies someone shot second, which didn’t happen. Then again, the point of shooting first is to make sure the other guy never shoots.

  7. Ted Wade commented on The Buckets 4 months ago

    Adult Toby looks like George Stephanopoulos

  8. Ted Wade commented on Brewster Rockit 4 months ago

    Behold the miracle of Pokemon Go!: It got Cliff, CLIFF!, up and walking around.

  9. Ted Wade commented on Over the Hedge 5 months ago

    Some people call it a rut, I say that it’s my groove.

  10. Ted Wade commented on Arlo and Janis 5 months ago

    Perhaps the link is for the colorist who is new to the strip. Not that said colorist would hace the time to research.