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  1. Ted Wade commented on Scenes from a Multiverse 2 days ago

    Jon, the location headers are fun in themselves.

    The name of Sciencemaster Van Deferens is certainly evocative for men of a certain age who’ve had, um, a certain procedure done.

  2. Ted Wade commented on Scenes from a Multiverse 3 days ago

    There are few words as scary with regard to bugs as “Ovipositor”

  3. Ted Wade commented on The Buckets 6 days ago

    Took me a moment to stop laughing there.

    Anyone who has kids thinking it will make their lives easier deserves all of the drama that comes their way.

  4. Ted Wade commented on The Buckets 7 days ago

    My dog has to sniff every mark she comes upon. I call it checking every post on A**- Book.

  5. Ted Wade commented on Rose is Rose 21 days ago

    And is MeeMaw now planning a visit to check the corrections.

  6. Ted Wade commented on Rip Haywire 24 days ago

    Wasn’t Maddog a shriveled up remnant of a man to show the danger of love in the pre-catpocalypse timeline?

  7. Ted Wade commented on The Buckets about 1 month ago

    I point out to my wife that listening to her favored 80’s music now is like her mother listening to 50’s music back in the 80’s.

    I still have the mark from the glare she gave me.

  8. Ted Wade commented on Rip Haywire about 1 month ago

    At first I thought the reference to the bad conditions was a dig at Disney, but the Disney Hawaiian resort is Aulani.

  9. Ted Wade commented on Basic Instructions about 1 month ago

    Really? A generalization I’ve always heard about city people is that they work hard to not see things so that they don’t have to get involved when someone asks for help. On the other hand, country people are always keeping an eye out on their neighbors to the degree of being all up in everyone else’s business.

  10. Ted Wade commented on Frazz about 1 month ago

    Everyone loves “Research challenges Conventional Wisdom” and mocks “Duh, I could’ve told you that”, but you don’t get to know which is which until you spend the time, effort, and money to do the research.