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  1. Fairportfan commented on C'est la Vie about 7 years ago

    Donna is still turning into Mona…

  2. Fairportfan commented on For Better or For Worse about 7 years ago

    Macushlalondra said

    The old male ego thing. He’s got to have a son or he looks like a weenie to the other men.

    As Nina Paley once said “Look! Ogg make little Ogg!”

    masnadies said

    My favorite SIL had 4 boys before she finally had a girl.

    Until my brother adopted twin girls, i had four nephews - no girls in that generation. (I now have five nephews; about the time the adoption was final, brother and his wife managed to have one of their own as well.)

    When i met my current wife (before Dave adopted the girls) and her fourteen-year-old daughter, there was much rejoicing.

  3. Fairportfan commented on MythTickle about 7 years ago

    Hugh B. Hayve said

    Uh-oh, If we go by the Heinlein theory then a new reality is created from the paradox.

    That one was around long before RAH - check out Leinster’s “Sidewise in Time”, if you can find it.

    Also, for time travel that will knot your brains, try Heinlein’s “All You Zombies” … and once you survive that, “By His Bootstraps”.

  4. Fairportfan commented on Cleats about 7 years ago

    In hockey, they ring a buzzer and turnon a red light so even the people who have fallen asleep can admire it.

  5. Fairportfan commented on Tom Toles about 7 years ago

    rikoshay: I assume you are not a lawyer (or, let us say, have a legal degree).

    I love to listen to non-attorneys explaining “what the Constitution means”.

    It’s funnier than The Simpsons.

  6. Fairportfan commented on Ink Pen about 7 years ago

    Ummm - a “labrys” is a double-headed axe…

  7. Fairportfan commented on Tony Auth about 7 years ago

    Lies, d*mn lies and Republican press releases.

  8. Fairportfan commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria about 7 years ago

    About thirty years ago, Georgia passed a law that would have made it illegal to display the Bible where children could see it.

  9. Fairportfan commented on C'est la Vie about 7 years ago

    Besides which, it’s way too early for her to know whether she is or isan’t - unless that was a realllly slow jet.

  10. Fairportfan commented on C'est la Vie about 7 years ago

    HARVIN GWIN said

    Mona isn’t a skank.If she is knocked up I shall stop following the strip.Too easy, too lazy, too shallow and too stupid.

    Too inexperienced in the man-woman thing.