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  1. Billy Jay GoComics Pro Member commented on Calvin and Hobbes 4 days ago

    He jumped out of his towel! :-)

  2. Billy Jay GoComics Pro Member commented on Pickles 18 days ago

    Yes indeed, I now use a spoon for most meals because for some reason I seem to have a wee bit of a tremor in my hands these days.
    Not enough to notice very much, but just quite enough to shake a bit of food off a fork at times. Shaking my food off a spoon is much more difficult! :-)

  3. Billy Jay GoComics Pro Member commented on Pickles 18 days ago

    I’m probably too late with this comment, but however …

    When Jeremiah James Colman , the manufacturer of Colman’s Mustard, [the most famous brand in the UK], was asked how did he ever make such a huge fortune from a very humble product that was only slapped on the side of a dinner plate, he replied “I make my money from the mustard that people throw away on the sides of their plate”.

    Whilst people did not “throw away” the mustard, they did tend to slap far too much on the side of their plates and I suppose for every portion that Jeremiah “sold”, and which was actually consumed, another couple of portions, paid for just the same, would end up in the scrapings into the trash bins.

    Just like Breviek says, “My kids always wasted ketchup by putting way too much on their plates.”

    I always used to see the very same thing with Colman’s Mustard in the UK and once, when I had a job in catering I saw another interesting thing. The dining room staff would “delicately” water down the Colman’s Mustard for two reasons:

    a) When it was “looser” it did not stick to the plates like glue and so it was easier for the wash-up in the kitchen. (A nickname for watered-down mustard was “Canteen Mustard”.)
    b) Even very small amounts of water extended the relatively expensive “premium” mustard quite a way and to my knowledge, not a single customer ever complained about their Colmans.

    Whilst I personally love hot English Colman’s Mustard on a roast beef sandwich, mixed using only their original Norfolk Mustard Powder plus a little water, not a lot of people like it that way these days. I have seen sugar, milk, cream, cider vinegar, mayonnaise, creme fraiche and goodness knows what else being added to pure Colman’s Mustard Powder in order to temper down the heat.

    I often wonder why they don’t just buy “mild mustard” like maybe French’s American Mustard? (And though I love French’s American Mustard on proper hot dogs, I would never, ever spoil roast beef sandwiches by adding it.)

  4. Billy Jay GoComics Pro Member commented on Cul de Sac 28 days ago

    You are right, Flossie Mudduck. One day at school, some 58 years ago, I was leaning on a window sill in the sports pavillion watching a cricket game. I decided to move and as I dragged my forearms from the window sill I felt a very sharp “sting”. I thought I had caught myself on a splinter of wood until I looked at my arm and saw a wasp hanging from it. After quickly brushing it off I watched in amazement as my arm began swelling and swelling. I was taken to hospital for treatment and have been terrified of wasps ever since. Like Alice says, “There’s no controlling them”. :-/

  5. Billy Jay GoComics Pro Member commented on Big Nate 28 days ago

    @B Dawg – Have a great vacation!

  6. Billy Jay GoComics Pro Member commented on Big Nate 28 days ago

    @ solitha
    “That teacher will likely be in a lot of pain for days.”
    Solitha, I doubt very much if that teacher ever felt a single thing – he was all a figment of the author’s imagination.
    Do you know, when I go and buy books I do tend to know the difference between fact and fiction. Nate is fiction. Did you not know that?

  7. Billy Jay GoComics Pro Member commented on Big Nate 28 days ago

    Again, very well said, Tue Elung-Jensen.

  8. Billy Jay GoComics Pro Member commented on Big Nate about 1 month ago

    And for your information, I’m 72.
    Your claim that “kids are so highly impressionable that some would resort to trying this stunt”, is so absolutely unbelievable.
    OK, I was a kid in a generation brought up watching “Tom & Jerry”, amongst other cartoons. Did any of us ever do things like hit each other with flat-irons; take blow torches to our opponents; poke their eyes out; put them on a sawmill flat bench? NO – never ever.

    If you know kids who might follow the antics in the Big Nate Comics I suggest that you seriously go and seek some kind of help for them.

    If you do not know any such kids (as I rather suspect) I suggest you go and watch some other comics to keep your mind on a peaceful equilibrium. Maybe “Nancy” might better suit your tastes?

  9. Billy Jay GoComics Pro Member commented on Adult Children about 1 month ago

    Oh! You dirty dog! Ther was no need to remind us.

  10. Billy Jay GoComics Pro Member commented on Big Nate about 1 month ago

    @jploch5408: Have you got ants in your pants?

    How about trying to grow up a little – even if you are a juvenile – and recognising the difference between comics and real life? I have a 12 years old nephew who loves to read Big Nate every single day and he would no more think of copying/re-enacting Nate’s pranks than he would “THUNKA! THUNKA! THUNKA!” his head with an empty water bottle.

    Of course, if you are saying that either you or some folks that you know just might consider emulating Nate’s pranks, I would suggest you seek some help, for to me it would suggest you have been brought up in a very strange way by your parents/guardians whatever.