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  1. harebell commented on Stone Soup 5 days ago

    So when does this precious pair build houses? Just wondering….

  2. harebell commented on Stone Soup 9 days ago

    @Fairportfan2, we tried that, it backfires, they just develop a taste for Mexican.

  3. harebell commented on Stone Soup 10 days ago

    Deal with it. It’s easier to get rid of the pacifier. Cutting off a thumb is considered bad form. I had one thumbsucker and one pacifier user. The pacifier user threw it out of her own accord when she was around 5. The thumbsucker was still sucking at 9. (This upset the teacher no end, but too bad.) The thumbsucker paid for it, as the orthodontist installed an appliance which didn’t come out till the braces went in. The pacifier user didn’t need braces.

  4. harebell commented on Stone Soup 18 days ago

    @RW James, you are not alone. Even after being enlightened, I still look at them and all I can think is Oliver B Dragon. (For those of you to whom that means zilch, do a web search for “Kukla, Fran and Ollie.”)

  5. harebell commented on JumpStart 19 days ago

    Best laugh I’ve had all day. Thanks!

  6. harebell commented on JumpStart 20 days ago

    I can’t help but wonder how Clayton Sr. got the genes for Overpoweringly Large to express themselves in his offspring not once but 11 times (11 because of the twins). My father (5’4") had the same moral effect (i.e., straighten up and fly right) on his children that Clayton has on his, but none of us is more than average size.

  7. harebell commented on Richard's Poor Almanac about 1 month ago

    Richard snitched the key to my post office mailbox.

  8. harebell commented on Stone Soup 2 months ago

    Thanks Jan. Now go take a load off your feet and have some Christmas cookies and eggnog!

    Best wishes to all you heavily involved readers….

  9. harebell commented on Stone Soup 2 months ago

    @realistic, Re “did either ever say I love you?” – they may be doing a lot of communicating when we aren’t snooping.

  10. harebell commented on Stone Soup 2 months ago

    Darth, sweetie, this has been going on for weeks… and weeks… and weeks…there are readers who would like art least a little delayed gratification here.