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  1. Wayland Strickland commented on Jeff Danziger over 3 years ago

    I wouldn’t say that to anyone in OK City…Timothy did pretty well.

  2. Wayland Strickland commented on Jeff Danziger over 3 years ago

    absoluetly…I can reload a revolver in 3-5 seconds and shoot it just as fast. Who was there to stop him? Unless he is under some type of distress (being confronted by armed personel) there would unfortunately be no reason why he would not have been able to murder just as many ppl. That being said, does it matter what the body count was? I would argue that murdering one person was just as bad. Schools and any “gun-free” zones have a responsibility to protect those entrusted to them. Why do we not mandate armed security at schools and other places where we are at our most vulberable? I didn’t attend a “bad” school, yet we had an armed police officer there every day (his official title was school resource officer). I guess I always though most schools had that because mine did. After this I looked into my sons school and discovered that they have one armed security officer for 3 different schools…Guess what I’ll be advocating for in the future. I’m a 2nd amendment guy, I believe it is my right and I also recognize that places can say you can’t have a weapon here, but when they do I expect them to take over the role of protector.

  3. Wayland Strickland commented on Jeff Danziger over 3 years ago

    Well, my school had a resource officer (actual police) that was there every day. That would be one way.

  4. Wayland Strickland commented on Jeff Danziger over 3 years ago

    Actually the .223 round is used for small game, i.e. cyote etc…Also, the military does not use the .223 it uses the 5.56 which is different albeit slightly (more about pressures…see SAAMI), which is why you can’t use a 5.56 round in a rifle designated as .223.. Again, the “Assault rifle” nomenclature denotes a select fire (full auto or burst fire) rifle and while available to civilians it is regulated by the firearms control act of 1934 and is cost prohibitive to the average 99%. The rifle used here was not an assault rifle though many would call it that simply because of it’s looks. You even admitted it is a good varmint round yet you say it isn’t a useful hunting round? As to keeping our government in line, they have far more resources to control us that an armed one will probably never need to be used so I would agree that we are hosed if our government ever decides to get out of “line.”

  5. Wayland Strickland commented on Jeff Danziger over 3 years ago

    “These” weapons are useful for hunting since they fire a very common .223 bullet. Not sure what school you are talking about but I hope you’re not using the recent CT shooting where it wasn’t used. Also, the DC snipers did use a “Bushmaster” rifle…they did not however shoot as many rounds as capable and a simple bolt action in the same caliber would have done the same job….the so called assault rifle is a made up acronym that the media and uninformed ppl use to make some firearms sound scary and does nothing to further an intelligent debate on violence in our country. Also, to your hypothetical…very nice try, but only shows that you are as bad as those you call “fear mongers” and just as anally retentive.

  6. Wayland Strickland commented on Jeff Danziger over 3 years ago

    It stand for Armalite Rifle…the original maker of the M-16…it fires a very standard hunting round and is used for that by many of the owners.

  7. Wayland Strickland commented on Rob Rogers over 3 years ago

    I like the comments about Romney losing…The ppl who are gloating are forgetting the fact that our parties spent more than a billion dollars and we have the same balance of power in Washington as before…waste of time and money for no change and no hope for the future. Our children are still stuck with 16 Trillion dollars in debt, millions are out of work and neither party is willing to do anything about it, but at least the “Rich White Guy” lost. I’m moving to Colorado so at least I can be high while the country fails.