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  1. Ralph Kramden commented on Non Sequitur about 19 hours ago

    “It is what it is” is a common expression everywhere — Googles finds 225 million hits for it. It’s used when people can’t think of anything meaningful to say.

  2. Ralph Kramden commented on Frazz about 19 hours ago

    In my experience it’s more often (mis)called “expresso”.

  3. Ralph Kramden commented on The Born Loser 11 days ago

    Kokosing Drive is near Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio. According to Wikipedia, that’s Chip Sansom’s alma mater.

  4. Ralph Kramden commented on Frank & Ernest 12 days ago

    Oldie but goodie. My family’s vacation shack, which dates to the ‘20s, has a plaque on the wall that says, "Even a fish won’t get into trouble if it keeps its mouth shut." And when I bought my house 30 years ago there was a plaque hanging in the basement with the same message.

  5. Ralph Kramden commented on Wizard of Id 15 days ago

    I had to look up “duck face”. Now that I know what it is, I’ll do my best to forget it.

  6. Ralph Kramden commented on Real Life Adventures 19 days ago

    Before I retired I used my watch’s stopwatch and countdown timer all the time at work. Saved me having to carry around a separate timer. Nowadays I might use a phone instead, though that’s not as convenient as a watch. At home I use the timers on my phone pretty regularly since I don’t wear a watch any more.

  7. Ralph Kramden commented on Pearls Before Swine about 1 month ago

    In the interest of complete accuracy, WWVH doesn’t transmit on 20 MHz.


  8. Ralph Kramden commented on Pearls Before Swine about 1 month ago

    Or the Rani.

  9. Ralph Kramden commented on Reality Check about 1 month ago

    If there are pop-ups, it ain’t heaven.

  10. Ralph Kramden commented on Real Life Adventures about 1 month ago

    Properly packaged cheese lasts a long time. A few weeks ago I enjoyed a hunk of cheddar that I bought in the summer of 2013 — and it was 11 years old when I bought it.