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  1. Arianne commented on Speechless 24 days ago

    What a sweet image! This is just so cute!
    Happy Thanksgiving to Len, and to all the Speechless fans!

  2. Arianne commented on Diamond Lil 24 days ago

    Awww, it’s because they are Made For Each Other!

  3. Arianne commented on Reality Check 24 days ago

    …With a side of cornbread muffin tops. Spanx you very much!
    Happy Thanksgiving, Dave and Ralph!

  4. Arianne commented on That is Priceless 24 days ago

    ….And now, Daffy, it is Duck season!
    Buck naked …… I said we’d be hunting buck naked.

  5. Arianne commented on Kliban's Cats 25 days ago

    Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer
    (Would you believe I finally just saw “Cats” for the first time? I ought to have my CCL card revoked!)

  6. Arianne commented on Diamond Lil 25 days ago

    They’ll be stuffing them in there, huh?

  7. Arianne commented on Diamond Lil 25 days ago

    Sure, talk turkey all you want, but I’ll bet you were proud to partake of her pecan pie.
    ( When Harry Met Sally)

  8. Arianne commented on That is Priceless 25 days ago

    " I don’t know, girls… help me decide. The Captain’s got lots of potential, and the rock he gave me would turn a bird’s head. But I just can’t stop thinking about Bert… he may be poor, but he sure knows how to do the “penguin dance,” if you know what I mean."

  9. Arianne commented on The Duplex 26 days ago

    They speak the truthiness.

  10. Arianne commented on Speechless 26 days ago

    Ha! Yes!