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  1. Nathan Daniels GoComics Pro Member commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not about 1 month ago

    Spielberg wanted that smooth ripple in the water cup to warn of the T-Rex, but the only way he could get that image was to hook up a bass guitar and amp under the car. Not to mention that you only hear the thing stomping around when it helps the tension. Somehow they hear it stomping around for minutes before they see it the first time, but at the end it manages to sneak up multiple velociraptors to inadvertently save the humans from being eaten. ?!

  2. Nathan Daniels GoComics Pro Member commented on Poorly Drawn Lines 3 months ago

    @katina.cooper: Exactly. The first time I read this one, I laughed heartily, just as I do with every Poorly Drawn Lines strip. My first take was that Reza intended the girl to realize that there was no point to adults.

    The second time I read it, ‘making babies’ was the immediately obvious answer……which kind of negates the joke. It’s either religion or science or both; the point is producing offspring/be fruitful and multiply. It may describe something close to perpetual motion, but it’s not funny.
    (honestly, I don’t over-analyze all comics like this!),

  3. Nathan Daniels GoComics Pro Member commented on Jeff Danziger over 1 year ago

    An edit on his bio: his writing is razor-sharp; i.e. it only cuts in one direction an does so ineffectively due to being encased in uninspired, premanufactured packaging.

  4. Nathan Daniels GoComics Pro Member commented on Jeff Danziger over 1 year ago

    I’ve had Danziger on my list of comics for a year and a half. He’s generally unfunny, ocassionally on point, one-sided to a fault, bigoted towards southerners and republicans….I’m a moderate independent and I just can’t stand this guy’s work. He must surround himself with like-minded pogues because I can’t see how anyone else could stand being around him. I just removed his cartoon from my comics list and my day got a little better.