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  1. Jason Scarborough commented on Wizard of Id about 3 hours ago

    Good one Wiz, but he’s going to know it was you. Have we ever seen Wiz hung up in the Dungeon before?

  2. Jason Scarborough commented on A Boots & Pup Comic 8 days ago

    Situation normal, for both comics ;)

  3. Jason Scarborough commented on Barney & Clyde 8 days ago

    sure looks that way

  4. Jason Scarborough commented on Garfield 28 days ago

    Are you sure you want to evoke Eustace, Mureil was always hitting him with a rolling pin for scaring Courage

  5. Jason Scarborough commented on The Creeps about 1 month ago

    How do we know that wasn’t the message he wanted to send? These two are pretty much the epitome of “Protagonist doesn’t mean Good guy” after all.

  6. Jason Scarborough commented on Human Cull about 1 month ago

    Not sure a bout the english lit majors, but if they freeze themselves for a thousand years the Art History majors can get work as staff pysisians

  7. Jason Scarborough commented on Shutterbug Follies about 1 month ago

    Honestly I think his Mafiya friend is worrying about the wrong part of this plan, yes its over complicated but, do any of them know how many people she’s told about her suspicions? and are they sure who’s side his assistant is on? (Hell do we really know if he was just a patsy to lure Bee into the trap or is he a loyal member of the “team”?)

  8. Jason Scarborough commented on Zack Hill about 1 month ago

    I’ve noticed that story-lines just kind of drop with little or no explanation in this comic, like when the principal at Zack’s school wanted the kids to direct their own thanksgiving play or Henri-Lee needing new glasses. But I think the strip a few days back were Jan stopped the car while Carl and Vince joked about the trouble Grumbine could cause was supposed to show them canceling it, though the other day’s strip with Zack and Carl could disprove that.

  9. Jason Scarborough commented on Barney & Clyde 2 months ago

    True, but those comercials always show the Mucus human host alive and well after the Mucus is expelled, the Ad being axed just shows a dead Dragon and is appearntly meant to be a still image

  10. Jason Scarborough commented on Marmaduke 2 months ago

    Repeat business is how that school stays afloat, seriously how many times have they put Marm in obedience school?