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  1. omQ R commented on Tom Toles about 3 hours ago

    “The analogy is valid. Do you pick up vipers? Do you lay down in a bears den WITH the bear? Do you invite rapist into your home?

    yep you guys have NO idea……”

    Yikes, you’ve really gone weird on us after all these years. Bad Tea, dude, that was seriously bad Tea.

  2. omQ R commented on No Ambiguity about 3 hours ago

    How odd, had a bagel this morning at the hotel I was staying over. First time in a long while.

    Looked at the number posts under my name; I don’t think I ever broke the 10000 ceiling. Mine’s still at 9628 (with this post).

    @martens: You’re possibly the first person I know who was a Quaker. Perhaps I’ve met some before, probably ones who left good impressions :)

  3. omQ R commented on Darrin Bell about 9 hours ago

    I overheard an American immigrant, as I was getting off a tram last week, talking about the riots, explaining to an Austrian that there are more black-on-black murders…
    Another American immigrant, mother of one of my daughter’s classmates, has family in North Carolina. She’s devastated over what is happenning. Last school year I witnessed and reported (to her and to the school) an incident made against her son. Nothing happened. The school thought diversity awareness was unnecessary. :p

    I don’t think if my American friend had overheard her fellow compatriot’s comment last week, it would have gone unchallenged. (and yes, perhaps I should not have gotten off and should have challenged the guy)

  4. omQ R commented on Jim Morin 4 days ago

    Hmm; interesting, thanks.

  5. omQ R commented on Walt Handelsman 4 days ago

    South Africa now has an exceptional, progressive constituition. However, putting it into practice would be exceptional. The USA has not been exceptional in making its constituition live up to its ideals. it has failed upteen times throughout its history, time and time again. And it fails to this day.

  6. omQ R commented on Lalo Alcaraz 5 days ago

    Trump brand ruined? not yet, not yet…

    When this kicked off ages ago some of us on this forum reckoned it was all a ploy to boost his brand and get a new reality TV show out of it. He might still pull it off.

  7. omQ R commented on Walt Handelsman 5 days ago

    ’And thus they think that patriotism makes the wrongs they do even morally acceptable. ’

    Yup, a cop-out for not taking personal responsibility too, for sure.

  8. omQ R commented on Walt Handelsman 5 days ago

    Any national ideals are great. The USA is not exceptional. Noble ideals are twisted by the powerful to blind the peoples to the wrongs being perputuated in their name. Patriotism is an excellent tool for this purpose.

  9. omQ R commented on Signe Wilkinson 5 days ago


  10. omQ R commented on Walt Handelsman 5 days ago

    Nope. It is lifelong. Thoughtless patriotism is what blinds many to the wrongs their countries do.