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  1. omQ R commented on Matt Davies about 5 hours ago

    Certainly the Syrians are refugees, as a result of their civil war and the actions of IS; likewise for the Iraqi refugees arriving now. Afghans are still fleeing their war-torn homeland.
    From Africa refugees are from the Sudan & Southern Sudan, Somalia, Eritrea and Libya; all war-torn countries at the moment.

    Other nationalities tend to be Pakistani, Bangladeshi and Nigerian. I do not know if the majority of these can be considered economic migrants but these countries do have a history of human-rights abuses; Boko Haram is still causing mayhem in northern Nigeria. I understand a good many Bangladeshi & Pakistani apply for asylum in the UK; I do not know the number of successful applications. That does not mean they are “bogus” asylum seekers.

    The press & many folks are conflating descriptors. Certainly refugees are migrants, but not all migrants move because of economic reasons (like I have). By calling many of these refugees ‘migrants’, I think it diminishes their desperate status (although impoverishment is also a dire state to be in). By calling failed asylum applications “bogus” also diminishes their humanity. Perhaps they don’t meet a certain country’s criteria to receive asylum but it does not make them illegal or bogus.

    In the UK most of the undocumented migrants tend to overstay their visas. In other words, they’re probably not refugees (I have to be being wary here, one of my colleagues, an Iraqi by origin, obtained asylum status and he flew in 20 odd years ago. No less desperate.)

  2. omQ R commented on Darrin Bell about 6 hours ago

    " I’ve spent a lot of time working in Europe and there are sections, like East London and parts of Paris, where you had better adapt to their cultural expectations in your behavior or you will be risking your life."

    That’s interesting; I lived in east London a couple of years and I don’t recall “no-go” zones.
    If I recall correctly, the UK’s PM David Cameron called Steven Emerson an ‘idiot’ for spreading these notions.

  3. omQ R commented on Ted Rall about 11 hours ago

    I see Ted Rall using his medium to report on the LA Times’ hypocrisy. That he happens to be what is being reported on, too, is, well, incidental. Since it is HIS livelihood being threatened (his reputation etc), I don’t see why not.
    I wish him every success.

  4. omQ R commented on Clay Jones about 11 hours ago

    I’m guessing Clay Jones is implying Canadians want to keep Americans out and would therefore be willing to pay for a wall.
    Earlier I read Hiram’s comment about Scott Walker and I had to snigger.

    Anyway, no self-respecting Canadian would ever say that.

    They’d say: “Will you take a cheque?”

  5. omQ R commented on Matt Davies about 11 hours ago

    "We don’t have enough room. “
    Ian, I’ve recently moved to Vienna from the UK (although I still spend considerable time in both countries as I work for a British firm, and I know you’re British…

    While the cartoon does have some truth in it, I’ve been getting the feeling that while the far-right in both Germany & Austria have been complaining loudly against the refugees coming over the past summer, Austrians & Germans by and large have been welcoming them, even if in some cases somewhat reluctantly. I do not know how the Hungarians feel about it but I get the distinct impression sympathy for the refugees are held only by a minority. Noneteless, refugees receive some help from Hungarian charities.

    I railed to Nuremberg recently and in Passau (border ‘tween Germany & Austria) several refugees came on-board.
    They had caught the wrong train, (they wanted one bound for Munich but had no tickets). However, the conductor was helpful, she tried to explain which train they should catch and where to get off, albeit in her broken English. The refugees’ English wasn’t very good either but fellow passengers assisted and eventually made themselves understood. I overheard young Dutch men converse with one: He had insisted on paying for his ticket, was in his early 20s and from Pakistan; the others from Syria, I wasn’t sure he was a refugee but the people he came onboard with were. Other passengers offered water and food. When we got to the next station, the conductor ensured that they were guided to the correct train by speaking to a fellow colleague on the platform. No mention of insisting on getting tickets first. I’m under the impression they were carrying some sort of reception document though; perhaps they permitted them safe passage onwards. I only saw solidarity amongst the carriage’s passengers which were of many nations, including North Americans.

    German & Austrian services have been taken by surprise by the sheer number coming through the past few months and the way they have been receiving or processing their claims reflects this, rather dismal and below par in some instances (see Amnesty International’s report on Austria’s Traiskirchen reception centre).
    I have had high regard for the Italian coast guard and continue to do so; the Greeks have been receiving tens of thousands despite being basically a bankrupt nation (I know, Golden Dawn isn’t something to be proud of).
    But if we compare Austria & Germany’s response (and Sweden/France/Italy/Greece) to the British response, I only have praise for them. Britain is getting barely 1% of the number and the astonishing backlash against the refugees in the British press is out of proportion. ”We don’t have enough room. "

  6. omQ R commented on Henry Payne 6 days ago

    I may be a non-American looking in but wasn’t your EPA attempting to clean the effects of the the private industry’s wanton actions? And as initially doing a great job but is now struggling, hasn’t your EPA been continously defunded and declawed over the last couple of décadas?

  7. omQ R commented on Ted Rall 6 days ago

    Mr Rall, I suggest you try the Guardian, if you haven’t already, to find another gig. I see that they’ve repórted at least twice on your situation. I posted a link to one of their articles under your previous cartoon. It must grate the LA times being reported on by ’another’’ liberal paper. NickCC23’s comment above me is Spot on. And good luck with your new book.

  8. omQ R commented on ViewsEurope 6 days ago

    Of course; and I’m not forgeting colonial era partitioning either.

  9. omQ R commented on Ted Rall 7 days ago

    Cartoonist fired by LA Times after LAPD arrest says evidence ‘spliced and edited’ – The Guardian, UK, 25th Aug 2015

    ‘As Ted Rall’s book on Edward Snowden hits shelves this week, parallels are visible between his own story – involving a police encounter over jaywalking – and that of his subject, the NSA whistleblower’

  10. omQ R commented on Scott Stantis 9 days ago

    martens? …as we thought, it doesn’t help pointing out the AP error.