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  1. omQ R commented on Clay Bennett about 5 hours ago

    …I’m guessing Google translate ;-) and as for the source I’m guessing Guy is taking the piss of some Alt-Right nutter typically found on a 4chan board (i.e. look up earlier in this thread). Some of those folks’ views on democracy is er, well, they’d rather have a corporate-like CEO president reigning like some monarch beholden to shareholders. Or similar. They’re an odd lot. Probably dangerous as well.

  2. omQ R commented on Signe Wilkinson about 5 hours ago

    Yeah, I was relieved when I heard about the court’s decision; it’s sensible. I just spent part of the afternoon at a Croatian beach. You know, here hardly anyone uses sun-lotion, most of the kids are in speedos or bikinis (or naked) and they are in the midday sun…we go after 3:30pm, slap lotion on (periodically and factors 40-50) and my daughter is in a one-piece swim suit (the long sleeved version not used for the past 2 seasons). I stick to the beachside cafe, sip on cold beer under a huge sun umbrella. Perhaps it’s because I am Portuguese and come from a country with fine beaches and plenty of sun so I don’t quite get the sitting in the sun all day thing. Alas, no-one with a burkini happened by…

    (tourists here in the Istrian peninsula, as far as I can tell, are mostly Germans, Austrians, Italians, Slovenians, Croatian, some Dutch. No French! :-) ) Btw, we didn’t feel the quake south east of us.

  3. omQ R commented on Signe Wilkinson about 5 hours ago

    No Sue, as I understand it, it was because a group of young men (or a man) were taking pictures of Muslim women (possibly burkini clad ) and their husbands/family took offence. Where on earth did you hear that version…?

    Burkini beach brawl leads third French city in a week to ban the swimsuit for Muslim women – Washington Post, August 16th, 2016


    “Conflicting accounts are shaping the narrative of the “burkini brawl,” which may have had nothing to do with the burkini at all, reports the Los Angeles Times. According to the newspaper, the local press reported that the fight broke out after several women swimming in burkinis became the subjects of a photo op for a group of teenagers and their families, but a girl who witnessed the altercation said it started when three men argued with a tourist whom they accused of photographing the women.
    Rocks and bottles were thrown.

    When about 40 people from the nearby village arrived, the violence escalated, reported the BBC, and men were slashed by hatchets and harpoon blades. Three cars were burned, tires were slashed, and as many as five people were taken to the hospital, the L.A. Times reported.

    Tensions grew Sunday, when an impromptu rally was held and nearly 200 demonstrators marched on the city’s Lupino district, where many families of North African descent live, according to the BBC. “This is our home!” they shouted.”

    BBC Article, August 16th, 2016 http://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-37082637

    Please provide me the source of your version, please?

  4. omQ R commented on Signe Wilkinson about 12 hours ago

    Oh, what a lot of hooey. The burkini was designed to allow Muslim women in Australia (the inventor of the quick-to-dry burkini was an Australian) to actually take up sports i.e. allow integration of some Muslims who follow a stricter dress code into the wider Australian society. It was designed to be inclusive rather than exclusive (yeah, I think head-scarves, burkas, niqabs are patriarchal devices despite some of the wearers’ assurances they do so on their own accord)

    …then again, bikinis can also be seen as devices of a patriachal society.

    Despite what I think of head-scarves, niqabs and burkas, I think that targeting those who wear them to be immoral, too. I bloody hope the French courts strike these bans down. These bans are making matters much worse.

  5. omQ R commented on ViewsEurope 4 days ago

    Unfortunately, the two weeks I once spent in the French riviera, under a work contract, was in late February (early March?); not quite beach weather at any rate so I didn’t get to test the waters, so to speak. I’ve never used a speedo…guess I’d be kicked out, too! Funny thing about deeming certain swim suits “unsanitary”, as they have disingenuously said burquinis are, I could at a stretch accept it for a fresh water swimming pool, but at the seaside…?

  6. omQ R commented on ViewsBusiness 6 days ago

    It has been proved time and time again that overall immigrants to the UK contribute more in taxes and labour than receive in welfare benefits. Immigrants have contributed to the UK’s prosperity. What has caused lack of delievry on social contracts for Britain overall has been a direct result of the austerity policies of the current government and previous coalition dominated by the Tories.
    Your inclusion of the word ‘haram’ in your comment also highlights your Islamaphobic bigotry.

    ‘What have the immigrants ever done for us?’
    – The Economist, 8th Nov 2014
    ‘Rather a lot, according to a new piece of research’

    ‘Mass EU migration into Britain is actually good news for UK economy ’
    – 18th Feb, 2016 The Guardian, UK

    What the Brexit referendum campaign has shown me though, is that no matter how much hard data and facts one holds up to support one’s position, it doesn’t matter to bigots.

  7. omQ R commented on Views of the World 6 days ago

    Fortress EU has built diverse types of walls, gauntlets, fences to keep refugees out.

    A play on the EU’s “diversity”, gettit?
    (each fenced/walled star represents a star on the EU flag…and note how each star is separated and also keeps fellow EU stars away, too, thus making a mockery of a united EU with similar ideals & policies)

    A pretty good ’toon if I may say so.

  8. omQ R commented on ViewsMidEast 6 days ago

    Well said. well said

    although the boy’s family all survived, we understand what you mean

  9. omQ R commented on ViewsEurope 7 days ago

    I’m…puzzled. My granny would show up at the beach fully clothed and would remain fully clothed. She couldn’t swim and didn’t see the point of getting sun-burnt. We’d frolic on the beach, She’d sit in a chair under a sun-umbrella.

    In Australia they have had campaigns since the 1980s where folks are advised to go to the beach covered up.
    Modern swimsuits for children are practically burkinis.

    So, if a Muslim who follows a stricter dress code shows up on a beach in a niqab, that would be ok unless she stripped and emerged in a burkini?

    Look, I’m in agreement with many that male oppression is behind strict dress codes for women (afterall, until fairly recently Western women also covered up. In fact ‘slut-shaming’ still occurs today and rape victims are often blamed because of what they wear), but blaming/targeting practitioners of the dress-code aint going to help. Especially if a burkini looks awfully like sensible sun protection swimsuits.

  10. omQ R commented on ViewsBusiness 7 days ago

    I’m on a support forum for EU nationals affected by Brexit, and rapidly being joined by British nationals living in other EU countries also affected…
    There has been recent press about favourable economic numbers apparently unaffected by the news of Brexit despite initial fears. Ok, crowing is more what we’ve been hearing. But early days, ’tis early days. That cartoon mountain May is facing is exactly what she is facing in reality.