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  1. omQ Release Michael_wme commented on Jeff Danziger about 13 hours ago

    Yeah, I agree, I’ve posted on here before suggesting he has a reality TV show planned for after he is done with this.

  2. omQ Release Michael_wme commented on Jeff Danziger about 13 hours ago

    I’ve been puzzling over his attempts and I initially, like Crow Nobo, thought he was doing it for the lark. But now I think he has other plans.

    Sarah Palin now has a very lucrative career as a pundit of sorts and with reality TV shows etc after being whisked from relative obscurity in Alaska as McCain’s VP candidate.
    Ok, Trump already has billions, so maybe he just craves the attention and wants another show after he’s finally kicked out of the running? I’m sure he knows he won’t ever be president (just divesting himself from financial markets to avoid conflicts of interest would cost him tens of millions, if not hundreds).
    Nah, it’s the notoriety he craves and he aims to capitalise (what else?) from it.

  3. omQ Release Michael_wme commented on ViewsAfrica about 14 hours ago

    Ah, another papal visit to African countries in full swing, hitting Kenya, Uganda and Central African Republic.

    Despite the Kenyan parliament voting in 2013 to leave the ICC, Kenyatta opted to stay within (back then he was one of the indicted; since then the ICC has dropped charges against him).
    African countries leaving the ICC en masse is actually possible and a problem for the ICC

    Africans have long grumbled that the court targets their leaders unfairly: the nine cases it has opened since it was created in 2002 have all been in Africa.

    President of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, or rather he and his party the ANC, have tabled a resolution to have South Africa leave the ICC because ‘the court chose to ignore American leaders’ actions in Iraq and Israel’s “continuing killing of Palestinians’. Er, no; I understand it’s because it has no jurisdiction since the USA and Israel never ratified their ICC membership. But then again Zuma is not known for noting mere details.
    Is Zuma’s threat really just him smarting from all the criticism South Africa faced a few months back for allowing Bashir of the Sudan to pop into South Africa and be whisked away before a South African court order to detain him could be enforced? Or as the article below suggests, he wants to be mates with the rest of the AU and not risk being isolated again, and this time not because of apartheid.

    ’What South Africa leaving the International Criminal Court would mean

  4. omQ Release Michael_wme commented on ViewsLatinAmerica about 14 hours ago

    I agree! And as gopher above you pointed out, misspelt his name: Mauricio Macri

  5. omQ Release Michael_wme commented on Henry Payne about 15 hours ago

    But notice who is still giving the orders?

  6. omQ Release Michael_wme commented on Clay Bennett about 15 hours ago


    (man, this guy is excellent!)

  7. omQ Release Michael_wme commented on Darrin Bell about 15 hours ago

    Well, I reckon you’ll end up paying for his incarceration which is equivalent to a salary in itself, isn’t it?…plus how much is his trial is going to cost. Plus whatever compensation is finally paid out.

    But I get your point. He continued on your payroll till the footage’s release. Suddenly now he is charged.

  8. omQ Release Michael_wme commented on Matt Wuerker about 15 hours ago

    Yes, listing the many tools for spreading terror.

  9. omQ Release Michael_wme commented on Clay Jones about 19 hours ago

    Quite funny actually. Putin is revered by the extreme-right, Turkey has a Muslim majority population, ergo join Putin to avenge their slight against the “common enemy”. Mind you, if I recall correctly, that Romney fella wasn’t keen on the Russians. Obviously not ‘right’ enough.