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  1. tophero commented on Calvin and Hobbes 3 days ago

    I’ve always loved Hobbes’ comment in panel 2.

  2. tophero commented on Bloom County 5 days ago

    listening? I think you’re mistaking the depth of his involvement…

  3. tophero commented on The Other Coast 12 days ago

    seriously. mine lasts for either 10 minutes or 4-5 throws, whichever comes first, before she wants to just chew on the item being thrown or gets distracted and goes for something else.

  4. tophero commented on Off the Mark about 1 month ago

    Comparing Cathy to Peanuts? Sorry, I’ll take re-runs of Peanuts over ORIGINALS of Cathy any day.

  5. tophero commented on Off the Mark 3 months ago

    We have one that does it – she has urinary issues, which we think is the reason behind it. I won’t go into too many details but I’ll just say that we ended up replacing about an 8 × 15 area of rug in our basement as a result.

    Don’t have much trouble with the toilet paper but definitely the sofa with one of the other ones.

  6. tophero commented on B.C. 3 months ago

    sorry to hear that – hope that your final months at least contain a lot of family time because that seems to be what you care about the most.

  7. tophero commented on Doonesbury 4 months ago

    Wow, way to take a comic seriously.

  8. tophero commented on FoxTrot Classics 5 months ago

    it’s amazing how these strips go around and become relevant again – I think that’s the second time this week

  9. tophero commented on Wizard of Id 5 months ago

    thank you for finally setting people straight.

  10. tophero commented on FoxTrot Classics 5 months ago

    I know, kind of funny