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  1. Ned Snipes commented on Dog Eat Doug 4 months ago

    Poor Sophie, suffering from WSOTD syndrome.
    Our boxer had that too.
    in case your wondering if your pet suffers from this syndrome, check to see if they are constantly crossing a door threshold.
    No cure has ever been found for;


  2. Ned Snipes commented on Red and Rover almost 2 years ago

    That should have read "hard shell’ helmets

  3. Ned Snipes commented on Red and Rover almost 2 years ago

    Sneaky Red, sending Rover ahead to check for ice patches. Oh and by the way bike helmets came out in the 70s and this strip is set in the 60s, just saying.

  4. Ned Snipes commented on Daddy's Home about 2 years ago

    He was born right here in Almonte, Ontario and yes ‘watching sports’ is boring, get out there and participate.

    This message has been brought to you by Participaction.

  5. Ned Snipes commented on Scary Gary about 2 years ago

    They appear to be quite older than the last time they were in the picture.

  6. Ned Snipes commented on Red and Rover over 2 years ago

    Beautiful strip Brian, Thanks for this.

    BTW I usually read the strips on my tablet, but today I took the laptop, the nice thing about the tablet is you don’t see the comments on the GOComics app. After reading some of these comments I’ll stick to the tablet.

    Some of you guys need to grow up, ITS A COMIC STRIP!

  7. Ned Snipes commented on Scary Gary over 2 years ago

    Don’t the other IRS guys wear suits all the time? I thought it stood for Immortal Referral Services!

  8. Ned Snipes commented on On A Claire Day over 2 years ago

    OMG! Claire is under 25!!!!!!!!!

  9. Ned Snipes commented on Close to Home over 2 years ago

    Oh sure, blame the guy with the hook. Oh wait….

  10. Ned Snipes commented on Strange Brew over 2 years ago

    Hey, that ‘s Ms. Henderson from Zack Hill, didn’t know she’s moonlighting as an HR person.