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  1. Adrienne Malone commented on Nancy 3 months ago

    Once I had a customer write me a bad check for $2500.00…I called the bank and asked if a $2250 check would clear. It would, so I went to the bank, deposited $250 to their account, and cashed the $2500 one.
    They called me later to let me know that they would never do business with me again. I’d caused about 20 other checks to bounce on them…

  2. Adrienne Malone commented on Nancy 5 months ago

    Does referencing another web site make your comment disappear?
    All I did was post a link to Taxicadepressions commentary about Uber and suggest reading his “The Pig Trap” as well.

  3. Adrienne Malone commented on Nancy 7 months ago

    When I ended up in the Trauma Center, the surgeon asked me how I broke my knee. I replied, “I tripped over a footprint.”
    Seriously, I had no idea what I’d tripped over. The lawn was smooth, with not the smallest obstacle in sight.
    (The line originated with Clumsy Carp, anyone remember him?)

  4. Adrienne Malone commented on Nancy 12 months ago

    Archie Andrews and Veronica Lodge…
    Unclescrooge- that “x” under Phil’s chin is a signal for the colorist to make that area black, like a shadow.
    Apparently a miss.

  5. Adrienne Malone commented on Luann Bonus Material about 1 year ago

    Okay, I know that I’ve seen Jean somewhere else… I think that she was in an animated cartoon. Anybody know which?

  6. Adrienne Malone commented on Fort Knox almost 2 years ago

    He wants her ash out of his car.

  7. Adrienne Malone commented on Fort Knox almost 2 years ago

    I thought he was going to say “Toilet.”

  8. Adrienne Malone commented on Nancy almost 2 years ago

    My husband’s main goal in life is to insure my welfare.
    Mine is to insure his.
    When we each give more than we get, we each receive more than we gave.

  9. Adrienne Malone commented on Heart of the City about 3 years ago

    And, by selling it before the end of the year, he avoids the higher Capital Gains Tax, which means that the government seizes less money, and the charities get more. A win-win, especially since charities get more good out of each dollar than government programs ever have.

  10. Adrienne Malone commented on Fort Knox about 3 years ago

    Rule #1:
    No one gets left behind.